Saturday, December 13, 2014

Day Out With Mom

We had a very busy Saturday with Mom.  We started out our day with a very long walk going down some streets that we haven't walked before in our park. We are not sure how far we walked because our walking app didn't work today.  :::sigh:::  We didn't run in the park today because Scout limped for like ten seconds after a run on Thursday and Mom hasn't let her run since.

The club house.
 After our walk, we hung up some laundry on the community clothesline.  We have only seen one other person use it.

Community clothesline - the RVs behind it are in storage.
After we watched an hour or so of Food Network, we loaded in the car for a trip to town.  Mom took us to lunch!  We went to Checkers.  It is a fast food place where you drive-thru.  We had a few fries.

Our laundry was dry when we got back, so we brought that into the RV and then we sat outside for three hours and listened to Christmas music while Mom read.

A nice lady that we have walked with several times came by, so we took a walk with her and Mom.  We wanted to run in the dog park, but it was full of little dogs.  Drat! 

We are now pretty tired from all that fresh air, so it is time for a long nap.

The Greyhound Who Is Spending A Lot Of Time Outside

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