Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa Uses A Golf Cart?

We were surprised when a man in a Santa hat knocked on our door today.  He brought our presents. It had to be Santa, right? He wore a hat and he brought presents.  I looked out the window to get a glimpse at his sleigh.  His sleigh was a golf cart!  I guess that's what he uses since we don't have snow.  ::::shrugs shoulders::::

Mom quickly opened the box. She didn't have a clue what he brought us.  You will never guess what we got!

Matching hoodies!

I don't like the hood part.

Do you know what Mom got?  She got pajamas that match our hoodies!!!

Her pajamas have shoes, but the shoes zip off.  Pretty neat!  The sleeve has a cuff that she can put her thumb in.  She is going to be toasty wearing those.
Okay, so the gifts actually came from Dad but Santa delivered them.  Dad is away this Christmas, so he surprised us with gifts.  Scout doesn't like clothes, but she said the hoodie fits her tomboy image and she doesn't mind it that much.  We are going to wear them tomorrow morning because it is going to be in the 30's when we wake up.  Brrrr!

Do you know what is nice about having your presents delivered early?

You can talk back to Mom without fear of not getting Christmas presents.  BOL!

Yep, no fear here.  BOL!
Scout is still being good, just in case.
The Greyhound Who Doesn't Have To Worry About Being Good For Santa

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