Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Year In Review - 2015

Our year started out at the Escapees Park - Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, AL.  Dad was in Baltimore working.  Mom, Scout and I were nice and warm in Alabama.  Scout and I loved the park.  It had sand, lots of walking areas and a huge dog park.

Mom enjoyed visiting Gulf Shores.

I enjoyed digging holes.  Shhhhh

Scout and I napped outside a lot.
Mom enjoyed the food. Danny's Fried Chicken was a favorite. They have a great buffet.  She also liked Fish River Grill where she took Grandma, Grandpa and Dad.

Swamp Soup is good!

Gator Bites are delicious!
February brought Dad home to us.  We traveled to Livingston, TX for a few days.

We had planned on attending two RV rallies in AZ, but our plans changed.  Dad needed to get a new drivers license because we planned on buying a new rig.  That turned into a big ordeal.  We ended up driving to Austin, TX so that he could take the test. While we were in Austin, the folks toured the Lyndon Johnson Library and also his ranch.  They really enjoyed his ranch.

We then drove to the Dallas area to purchase our rig.  The weather and delays at the dealership caused us to miss both rallies.  However, March found us in a brand new rig!

Our next destination was near Los Angeles.  We were only there three weeks and had to move three times.  We hated it there because of the traffic.  Dad's commute was anywhere between two and half to four and a half hours.  The folks did tour the Nixon Library.

The highlight of our trip was the week we stayed near Disneyland because we were able to see the nightly fireworks from our campsite.

 April found us in Golden, CO.  We were shocked at the high price of the campground but later in the year, that price was not so bad.  Our rate was $1,600 a month.  We ended up loving that location though because Dad's work was just three miles away and it was located near shopping and restaurants.  It was also near the emergency vet that Scout had to see.  It was there that it was determined that she had cancer.

Scout was thrilled to have grass again. She hated driving through NM and AZ where there was no grass.

Bunnies were everywhere in this park.

This tiny house appeared on HGTV.

Our site.
Scout had a day out with the folks at Red Rocks while I stayed behind.


At the very end of June, we were on our way to Baltimore.  We were able to stop off in Missouri and visit friends and family.  Mom was thrilled that Scout was still with us.  The swelling was actually almost all gone from her head and she felt really good for her trip home.

July found us in Baltimore.  Our campground was very boring.  We didn't make a single friend there.

We did have a nice view.

Scout died about two weeks after we arrived here.  This is also where I was when I had to have surgery because I got that bad cut under my tongue.  Needless to say, Mom was glad to leave here.

We did have some fun times though.  The folks really enjoyed Lancaster, PA.  They went there three times, I think. They also liked Gettysburg and I even went there once.

October found us heading towards San Francisco.  We were able to stop off in Missouri for two nights.  We visited with Grandma and Grandpa.  Our next stop was two nights in New Mexico and then on to San Francisco.

We stayed at a KOA in Watsonville, CA for two weeks which is near San Cruz.   The folks visited the Boardwalk which they enjoyed.

Me just enjoying life.
We then moved on to the greatest campground ever!  Yep, it is where my Monique works.  I loved staying at the Alameda County Fairgrounds because I had lots of friends there and Monique made sure I got treats every day!  This was the most expensive park.  It was $2,000 a month.  Yikes!  The campgrounds in that area are just expensive.  We also put a new transmission in our Jeep while we were there.  $$$$$

Our $2,000 a month site. 

Giving Mom the stink-eye because she told me I need to move away from the office door.  The treat door as I called it.
 The folks visited San Francisco three times. They visited the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Chinatown.


Ah, I slipped this one in of myself.

They also toured the Jelly Belly factory.

Winchester Mystery House was a favorite of Mom's.

Mom did not enjoy the trolley ride. It was uncomfortable.
 We left San Francisco and headed south.  We stopped off for a few days and the folks toured the Ronald Reagan Library.

We are ending our year the same way we started it, near a beach!

Christmas Day 2015

We hope you enjoyed our year in review.  It is not as detailed as it should have been, but Mom had a hard time helping me with it.  It brought up a lot of emotions regarding Scout and we just wanted to get it done.  It has been a sad year.  We lost a few friends and relatives and several four-legged friends have made their way to the bridge this year.  We hope that 2016 is a happier year for everyone.

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