Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas From Southern California

We arrived at our latest destination on Wednesday. We were dreading the drive because we had to face the Los Angeles traffic. It was stressful, but it wasn't terrible. When Dad was planning our drive, he noticed that there weren't any rest areas at all.  There were only two truck stops and they were next to each other.  The truck stops were different because you had to take a ticket to drive through the parking lot.  It is really for people who want to do more than get gas, but everyone had to do it.

Following are pictures from our last campground, Valencia Travel Village.

Nice views

This tree was in front of our site.
Mom took some photos of the views they had when leaving the Ronald Reagan Library.  Here there are:

The folks were on a very curvy road.

A smiley face!

Back to our campground for some Christmas photos:

View from our window.

The campground was decked out in lights.

I will show you our current campground next time.

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