Thursday, December 3, 2015

Garlic And Hard Water

BOL, is that a title or what? 

The folks visited Gilroy, CA which is the Garlic Capitol of the World.  They stopped at a store called Garlic World.  They sell garlic, some sauces, seasoning mixes etc.  Mom bought garlic powder and a garlic cheese powder.  She really likes the garlic cheese powder, but hasn't tried the garlic powder yet.  She cooks with a lot of fresh garlic.

While they were out, they stopped at the Camping World that is near there.  It is not the one that they drove an hour and a half to on Friday only to find it was closed for the day. They didn't buy anything.

They ate lunch at Uncle Buck's FishBowl.  It is a restaurant located in Bass Pro Shop.  It is a restaurant/bowling alley.  They ate at an Uncle Buck's in Texas, but it was not a Fishbowl.  That one was more of a steak place.  This one is decorated so that it looks like you are under the sea.

This is the bowling alley.

Last year at this time, we were in Alabama.  Mom sure misses the food there.  So, she decided to have the alligator as an appetizer.  She said it was good. 

Alligator Bites
Dad ordered the fish platter.  He said it was good.

Mom ordered the burger and fries.  She said it was good.  I had some of the fries.  Yum!
You are probably wondering why our title had hard water in it.  Well, the water here is hard.  We do not have a water softener.  Mom noticed the shower doors were getting pretty nasty. She looked on the Internet to see how much vinegar and water she should mix together to clean.  She found a "recipe" for Dawn dish washing detergent and vinegar.  She tried it and she is very happy with the results. She left it on for about twenty minutes and then wiped it with a wash cloth and then rinsed really well.  The shower doors are sparkling now.  Here is the link, if you are interested.  Dawn Vinegar For Sparking Shower Doors

The Greyhound Who Didn't Know Water Could Be Hard

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