Friday, June 28, 2013

This And That

Mama heard about a photo contest for campers which means she is pestering us.

She has decided that this is not the look she wants and she should increase the resolution so that pictures are a better quality since it is for the cover of a magazine.  She says the pictures of me remind her of a Seinfeld episode in which George was trying to look sexy. Definitely not the look we want, Mama.

The tent campers are still here.  It rained really hard and their screened tent had issues with it.  The rain was too heavy for the roof and part of it collapsed.

Last night, we were visited by the ducks and two cats.

We have two more weeks here.  I hope something exciting happens because we need blog material.  BOL

Does anyone cross stitch?  Mama bought a pattern of a motor home.  There is currently a small dog in the window of it.  It actually looks like a cat, but the lady said it is supposed to be a dog.  Mama wants to take the dog/cat out and put in two greyhounds.  Anyone experienced with changing a cross stitch pattern?

The Greyhound Who Jumped On The Bed With The Folks Last Night But Wasn't Allowed To Stay  :-(

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Bed Is Gone!

It happened!  One of our beds has been put in storage in the basement of the motor home.  How rude!  Mama has been re-organizing and purging.  She took the divider out of the dinette bed and then she put our bed in storage.  She said "Kids, look at how much room you have now! Doesn't it look nice?"  We hate when she messes with our stuff.  Actually, we didn't use that bed much anyway and we rarely get on the dinette bed at the same time so that is why she took the divider out  We do get up there when the "Shark" comes out.  That is our vacuum.  We HATE the vacuum. Scout jumps from couch to couch.  We still have the bed on the floor, for now, and we both want that one. It is prime real estate, you know.

I have my own twin sized bed now, but I prefer the couch or the bed on the floor.

"It's my turn for the floor bed, Scout"

"I have squatter rights, Joey!"
The cactus or cacti, whatever it is called, has finally bloomed.  We thought the flowers would be red.  Is anyone else surprised?
Here is another one.  Bees were all over the flowers on this one.
The tent campers are still here.  It rained this morning, so that probably woke them up.  It looks like new people were supposed to show up last night because an envelop is on the office door with their name and site number.  They haven't arrived yet.  They are supposed to be one site over from us.  Yep, more people watching for us.  BOL!

Scout did some posing for the camera this morning.  She is such a ham!

That is about all the news from here.  Mama will work on more organizing next week.  She needs to buy more of those space bags for clothes.  She wants to organize the space underneath the dinette bed.  The bench seats are actually storage areas and right now it is stuffed full of coats, sweatshirts and dog toys.  She hopes she will have more space with the space bags.  When we go home for a visit, she wants to pick up her sewing machine and she hopes it will fit in that area.

The Greyhound Who Is Told He Should Be Happy With A Twin Sized Bed

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Butterfly World & Remembering Blueberry

Mama had no plans on visiting Butterfly World.  She has visited two other butterfly places and she figured they were all the same.  An employee at Flamingo Gardens told her that if she loves hummingbirds, then she should visit.  She warned Mama that it was pricey $24.95 a person.  Mama told her that she had a buy one get one free admission. Mama loves coupons.

The reason Mama wanted to visit was due to the number of exotic birds that they have there.  They say they have seven different species of hummingbirds.  Mama had only seen the Ruby Red Throated Hummingbird in person and was very excited to see others.  She always hangs up our hummingbird feeders at our campgrounds in hopes of seeing something different.  The folks ended up seeing three of the seven species that they have.  They claim to have 100 hummingbirds, but they only saw three.  BOL!  They did see a lot of beautiful birds, so it was a fun day.

Mama bought an identification book since it was only $1.  She hoped to use it to identify them in the blog, but many of the birds that she saw are not listed. It is still nice to have though.

Mama said when you walked through the doors, you are surrounded by hundreds of butterflies.  The other two places that Mama has visited does not compare to this place at all.  It was amazing!  Unfortunately, the butterflies do not show up well in the photos.

The first room that you enter with butterflies. She swears they were flying all around.

One landed on Dad!

Okay, lets just move onto the birds since we can see them in photos.
Lady Gouldian Finch

A Lorikeet jumped on Dad's shoulder.


Red-legged Honeycreeper

Male and Female Honeycreepers

Yellow-legged Honeycreeper

Not sure


Yellow-legged Honeycreeper - Female
Swinging bridge that leads to one of the buildings.
Mama did not get any decent photos of hummingbirds.  She really needs a better camera. 

As you can imagine, the place was full of beautiful flowers.
 The following are Passiflora.

Cuphea melvilla "Candy Corn"
The folks really liked this place.  It is huge with 13 different stops on the tour.  The butterfly portion of the tour was really crowded, but once they reached the buildings with the birds, it was almost empty.  I guess most people come for the butterflies.

On a very sad note, we want to send our condolences to my half sister, Bunny and her family.  Miss Blueberry has joined her Mom, Lilac, at the Rainbow Bridge.  We are so happy we were able to meet her in person last October.  Mama said we were rednecks and Blueberry and Bunny were the princesses.  If you would like to see our meeting, just click here.  There are some cute pictures of Blu. Blueberry was a beautiful girl.  We saw a comment from her Daddy once that said she was "the best dog EVER".  She is missed.

The Greyhound Who Is Sad For Bunny And Her Family

Monday, June 24, 2013

Flamingo Gardens

 The folks have talked about going to Flaming Gardens, but Mama didn't know if it would be worth the $18 per person admission price.  Mama was very excited when she found a site ( with buy one admission get one free.  They decided to go on Saturday since the tropical wave didn't hit us.

  The property was owned by the Wray's before it was donated.  Their house, which was built in 1930's, is still on the property and it can be toured.

This is a 60 acre, not for profit, facility which has alligators, otters, flamingos, bobcats and also birds that inhabit the aviary and bird center.  The birds in the aviary are all birds that have been injured and cannot survive in the wild.

Are you ready for some pictures?

They were building a nest.

Another Saturday at the park for these two.

Notice how he relaxes.

Scout would have loved this guy.

Working on his nest.

Bald eagle - he was way in the back and it was hard to get a good photo.

Squirrel on top of sign - sorry about the flash in your eye Mr. Squirrel.

He was proud of his looks.

Mama and baby.

See the baby by the tree.  She had three babies.


Busts of Mr. & Mrs. Wray.
The folks did tour the house, but Mama didn't take photos.  The Wrays' were very big into citrus growing and did quite well with it.

Mama visited the gift shop and bought a suncatcher.  It was only $6 on sale.  Mama told the gift shop employee that she loves hummingbirds.  The employee told Mama that she needs to go to Butterfly World because they have a lot there and they are not all the same species.  Mama was so excited that they went on Sunday.  We will talk about that tomorrow.

The suncatcher.
The tent campers are still here.  It only rained for a short time yesterday, so they didn't get too wet.

We had excitement here last night.  We had police cars outside our campground for about two hours.  A helicopter kept circling our campground.  Mama was concerned that whoever they were looking for was in our campground.  There are like 300 trailers that are here, but vacant for the summer so it would be easy for someone to hide in here.  The police never came inside the park. We don't know what happened, but it ended around 9 p.m.  We were on full alert when we took our last walk of the night.

 The biggest excitement for me was a cat.  He was right outside my window yesterday.  Notice my dripping nose.  It was quite exciting for me.  I whined a lot!

The Greyhound Who Thinks Cats Are Fascinating

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