Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cats And Storms

We are the only people here in our section of the park now.  The neighbor behind us left on Tuesday.  Actually, we had not seen the man since Friday night.  On Tuesday morning, we saw a fifth wheel go by and it was the lady driving the truck. We are assuming she hooked it all up herself and left.  She had a lot of stuff to pack up, so we were quite surprised.  Wouldn't it be funny if the guy didn't know she had left and he comes home to an empty site?  BOL!  They had the dog that didn't like us, so we are not too sad to see them go.

The cats are driving me crazy!  I remember every place that I have seen one, so I insist we check out each place to see if there is one there.  The first thing I do is check under our motor home.  Dad says that is a smart thing to do.  The kittens are getting active now and they want to check us out, but Mama says we need to stay away from them because they probably have fleas.  The adult cats all give us nasty looks.  If they hiss at me, then I look away and keep walking.  There was one last night that was laying in a driveway.  He had his ears drawn back.  I thought he wanted to play because greyhounds keep their ears back a lot, but Dad said he didn't want to play.  We think there are about twenty cats that live here.

Storms woke us up at 2 a.m. this morning.  They were not predicted, so we were very surprised. Scout was scared.  Mama got up and turned on the TV to see if they were severe.  There was nothing about them.  She checked the Weather Channel on the computer and the radar showed nothing.  It was strange.  We know it all happened and we didn't dream it because there are water puddles all over the place.  Scout and I love to walk in the water puddles.  Mama took a photo of Scout in the water, but it was not flattering and Scout rejected it.  Scout asked for this photo to be used instead.

Mama remembered something about the Bonnet House that she wanted to tell you.  There is a bust there by an Italian artist by the name of G.B. Lombardi.  The bust has a sculpted veil over it.  The odd thing is that if you put a flash light up to it, you see that the eyes and lips and facial features are just shadows from the veil and disappear with the light close to them.  It is really fascinating.  Photos were not allowed but there is a photo from the Bonnet House website. Scroll down to the photos and it is the second to the last photo.  It doesn't give a close up view, but you can see it on the mantel.  This is also the floor that Frederic painted before he had his stroke.

Bonnet House has monkeys that live in the woods, but the folks never saw them.  They used to live in a bar, but there was a fire and the owner set them free and now they and their offspring live in the woods.

The Greyhound Who Wonders If A Cat Can Really Scratch His Eyes Out

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