Monday, June 17, 2013

Riding The Canals In A Water Taxi

The folks spent Saturday taking a water taxi up and down canals.  I think that would have been great fun, but no dogs were allowed.  The cost is $20 a person and parking is $5.  You can hop on and off the taxi all day long.  There are ten stops along the way and you can even switch to a different route, if you want.  Mama thought it was a little pricey, but it was a fun way to get around.  The folks had to wake up the ticket person to buy their tickets.  They could see him sleeping in the office.  It must be a pretty boring job. 

Waiting for the water taxi.

Mama was really surprised to learn that famous people live and have lived along the canal.

This was Dinah Shore's old house.
Andy Griffith used to live here.  It is now owned by the Firestone Family.
Desi and Lucy lived here.
Sonny and Cher's starter home is located here, but Mama didn't get a picture of it.

The homes are really expensive. The taxes on some of the homes are $1,800 a day.  That is what the boat captain said.  It is just crazy that people have that much money, isn't it?  Mama said she wouldn't like living on the canal because there is so much boat traffic.  There is not much privacy and it probably gets loud at night with boaters.

Here are more photos from the trip.


They passed by several yachts.  Some are owned by famous people.

The crew.

The folks got off the taxi and walked to the beach.

These trees bloom once a year.  Mama can't remember the name, but she thinks they are pretty.
The folks ate lunch at a pirate themed restaurant.  Mama will write a review on it later.  They planned on eating dinner at another restaurant on the canal, but Mama was concerned they might have a problem finding a seat on the taxi.  As the day went on, more and more people were wanting to ride and there were not enough seats, so those people had to wait until another taxi came by which is every 40 minutes. Mama was concerned that their wait could stretch into hours, so they opted to eat elsewhere.  The folks rode the taxi from end to end and it took three hours. They got off at two stops.  It was a long day and Mama came home tired.

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