Monday, June 3, 2013

We Are Here!

We made it to our new destination.  We are near Fort Lauderdale.  Dad is going to work at two hotels this time.  One is in Fort Lauderdale and the other is in Miami.

Our trip went well.  We had three people try to cut us off all within a few minutes of each other, so that was a little scary.  Dad slammed on the brakes once and the laptop went flying.  It was closed and it didn't get hurt.  Mama's soda ended up all over though.  That sudden stop caused all our pantry items to knock against the cabinet door and we didn't notice it until we started bringing the slide out.  The salad dressing got caught in the slide and squirted out.  The can of baking spray started spraying.  It took Dad a while to get those out from the slide because they fell to the floor and got stuck.  That incident caused our cabinet to be damaged by the slide, so Dad will have to fix it.  The hinge is messed up and now the cabinet will not shut.  It happened to the previous owner because we noticed just the other day that the door had been repaired.  Dad found a small football that belonged to the previous owners when he pulled out our salad dressing.  BOL

Our park seems to be nice.  We had a heck of a time finding a place that had good reviews and that would take dogs over 20 pounds.  Most of the reviews were bad because the surrounding areas were not safe.  We finally decided on this place and then Mama met a woman at the park in Arlington and they started talking about this area and she told Mama about this place.  Mama told her we already made reservations here and the lady said we would not regret it. She said she had stayed here several times and it is the best place around.  Mama felt much better after that.  In the winter time, this park is full of French Canadians.  Most of the signs here are in French.  The park looks like it is full, but in fact, most of the homes are boarded up for the summer. They belong to the French Canadians.  It is a little strange walking through a place that is full of homes, but they are vacant.  We have seen maybe five people, two dogs and a heck of a lot of cats.  One front porch is full of kittens.  There are people living there with the cats. 

We will take photos of the park tomorrow.  Mama was too tired tonight.  We walked all around the park.  There are 40 acres and I guess since no one else is really here, we can walk wherever we want. 

It is nice to be parked for a while again.  Three days of driving is exhausting!  I don't think we could do four days in a row.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that Mama's hand is fine.  It is not even red.  The burns on her arm hurt less and they left scars. 

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