Monday, June 10, 2013

The Beach

Now, don't get excited.  We didn't go to the beach, but the folks did.  Mama said no dogs were allowed and it was too crowded anyway.  They drove to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park because there is a tunnel that you walk through to get to the beach. 

The tunnel that goes under the street and to the beach.
People enjoying the beach.

Mama said that it seemed much brighter in person than in these photos.  The folks took these photos and headed down the street to find something to eat.  They decided the walk was too far and decided to head back to the park.  Mama wanted to walk the Hammock Trail.  She thought it would have huge trees covering the trail like an umbrella.  It was not.

She worried about snakes falling from the trees, so it wasn't very enjoyable.  They both felt like bugs were crawling on them after getting off the trail.  I think it would have been fun!  Scout says she was happy to stay at home in the air conditioning.

The folks took another wrong turn and the next thing they knew, they were being asked for their passports.  BOL!   They turned into the port where you board cruise ships.  Dad told the officer that he took a wrong turn and the officer said it happens all the time.  Duh!  There were no signs to say it wasn't a regular street.  They took Dad's driver's license and held it until they turned around.  I guess they wanted to make sure they didn't make a break for the cruise ship.

The folks ate some good food this weekend and we all know that makes Mama happy.  She will update her blog on that later today. 

There was a 20% chance of rain yesterday.  We had four heavy downpours.  I guess that is just the norm here.  We were out walking twice when it happened, so we ducked under a porch for a while. 

There are some ducks here that Scout really likes.  She really had them on the run the other day, but Dad said that wasn't very nice.  He is the "fun police" you know. 

The ducks that Scout likes.

Scout watching the ducks.  The ducks are near the top of the photo.
Everyone left yesterday but the guy who seems to live here permanently and then one motor home came in last night.  The count if you are keeping track is now three of us staying in our section.   Two of the cats seem to think they should live under our motor home.  I think it makes life interesting, but Mama not so much. 

Our regular mail and our bully sticks are supposed to be delivered today.  Our paws are crossed.

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