Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RIP Mr. Frog

 As you know, there are only a few of us living here.  We have a neighbor one site over from us and a neighbor to the back of us.  There was a huge frog that had been living under our rig.  It looks like he decided to go for a  hop around and ended up in the street.  What are the odds that our neighbor would come home at that time and and run him over?  Yep, he is flattened in the middle of the street.  It is not a pretty sight, so no photos will be posted. He is covered in flies.  I swear, you should see how fast the flies come out here.  Our poop is covered in flies before Mama can even bag it.  Anyway, we are sad the frog was killed.  He was fun to watch.

My sister, Scout, being sassy.

Yesterday, Mama and I took a walk at noon time.  We left Scout behind.  We were having a grand time, but then I stepped on some burrs.  Mama didn't realize that is what I had done.  She kept asking me what was wrong.  I didn't limp but I was walking really slow.  When we got home, she took Scout out and when she came in, I was trying to pull the burrs out.  Ouch!  She said "Oh, you poor baby!"  She removed the burrs and put some medicine on my paw.  It is fine now.  She did a quick search on Cheatgrass to be sure it wasn't that because a fellow blogger had huge problems with that and her dog.  Cheatgrass looks different, so that is good.
This is what was in my foot.  There were several burrs.

Our bully sticks arrived safely on Monday. Mama ordered us some huge bones, but we are not fond of them. Mama received her mail, too.  She is waiting for her prescriptions and then that it is for now. 

Mama cleaned out two cabinets and ended up throwing out a whole bag of garbage.  She still feels like it is not organized because she still has two plastic bins of junk, but now she can put the laptop away at night in one of the cabinets instead of leaving it on the counter.  Speaking of our laptop, its' days are limited.  Our battery will not charge again.  We had replaced the cord on the laptop earlier this year and that solved the problem for a few months.  The cord allows us to work off of electricity but it will not charge the battery.  That is the same thing the old cord did.  The battery has been replaced twice.  It is such a pain. It is several years old, so it is time to replace it.  Mama just doesn't want to spend the money.  She wants to replace the window shades in here first and hopes the laptop can hang on until Christmas.  We have a tablet, but she finds it difficult to do much on it other than browsing and it seems to have trouble with our Wi-Fi at times.

We may get storms today and maybe some flooding.  We are not worried because we don't expect it to be as bad as last Friday. Dad may have trouble getting home from work though due to possible flooding and the President is in town today.

The Greyhound Who Is Upset With The Neighbors For Driving Over Mr. Frog

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