Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea

When we found out we were coming to this area, Mama said "Oh, no, it will be hurricane season!"  Everyone assured her that hurricanes don't really come this early.  We are here for three days and we have a tropical storm!  LOL  Actually, the tropical storm is on the other gulf side, so we will not get the worst of it.  We are just getting some of the rain.  It hasn't been too bad yet.  It rained heavy for about five minutes and then it just showered.  It has stopped for now, but there will be more later.  There was a tornado warning issued for our county, but not our area.  Mama said we will go to the shower house if a tornado is in our area.  Dogs are not allowed in there, but since no one else is around, we will hide in there during a tornado.  She will not leave us behind.

We met a man yesterday while walking.  It is so strange to see another human walking around here since almost every home is boarded up for the summer. He said he lives here year round and has been here for 20 years.  He said there are English speaking people on both sides of him and that is it.  He confirmed with us that it gets wild here during the winter.  He enjoys the summers because it is so quiet.

The folks did their grocery shopping yesterday.  Mama said this place reminds her of Houston because she is having a hard time finding a place to shop.  Miss Becky, who she met in Houston, told her the best places to shop in Houston, but we have no one to tell us here.  She and Dad waited in the check out line for 30 minutes yesterday and that was on a Wednesday morning.  There were two people in front of them.  The checkers moved slow in the store yesterday.  She said she can't imagine going there on a Friday night.  She is going to check out the Super Target this weekend.  It is located about five miles from here.  She has found that Super Targets normally do not have long lines.  She prefers Walmart, but she can't handle waiting in line for that long.

Whenever we arrive in a new location, we have to learn the safe areas.  We haven't really felt unsafe here.  Mama gets nervous when she sees bars on windows and we stay out of those areas.  LOL   The places we felt the best were Arlington and Cleveland.  We immediately found good shopping areas and good restaurants.  We are still searching for that here.  We are in an industrial area here so there is nothing within walking distance.

Two motor homes left yesterday and two moved in.  One of the motor homes had a Great Dane.  We didn't get to met him though.  They are already gone.  There is one guy who lives near us and it looks like he will be here a while and that is about it for our neighbors.

I really miss the squirrels.  I am very interested in the cats.  There are so many cats!  However, I prefer squirrels.  I have a feeling that this place is going to be boring since there are not any people or squirrels.  I will have to focus on the cats.

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