Friday, June 7, 2013

The Sun Is Out!

This is the first day that we have seen the sun since we arrived.  We are anxious to see when the sun hits our windshield because even with our shades, it heats up some.  It seems like wherever we go, we end up with the late afternoon sun in the windshield.  We know we will not have that here because of where the sun is now.  It will be interesting to see how the motor home heats up today.  We are not totally thrilled with our air conditioning in this rig.  We are trying different things to try and keep it cooler.  The good thing here is that our electric is included in our rent, so we can run it as much as we need to without worrying about the cost.  Dad doesn't worry, but Mama does.

The storms yesterday were not bad here.  There were a few times that the wind blew hard, but we have been through that before.  That doesn't mean that Mama wasn't a little nervous.  She HATES storms and hates them more now that we are in a motor home.

We sat outside this morning.  It is quite breezy, but that just helps it feel cooler.

I'm a happy guy

Scout is just being Scout.  Mama calls here Eeyore.

This is our view.

What is that?

It's a CAT!

No one lives in this rig.  Do you see the Tiki Hut?  There is a blue tarp under it.

The red in the tree is our hummingbird feeder.

I see another CAT!

See him?
We do not have cable here.  We are using our satellite.  We kind of like that better because we have HBO, but if cable is available we use it because it is free.  We use Dish Network because they have a month to month program for RVers.  We just call them when we need it turned on.  We could tell yesterday when the heavy rain was approaching us because the satellite would go out before the rain arrived.

This is our satellite.  Isn't it cute?
We should be getting our mail today.  We haven't received any for a month.  Mama likes that we can have mail sent to us here.  She ordered bully sticks yesterday and her prescriptions yesterday, so all that should be here next week.  We should be set for a while.

Some of the reviews of this place said the office staff were rude.  We have not encountered that yet. We have encounter much worse at other campgrounds.  They answer the phone in French, but speak English also.  I guess we will see how they treat Mama when she picks up the mail today.  BOL!  She said even if they are rude, it is not a big deal because she has very limited contact with them.

Two people moved out yesterday and one pulled in, so there are four of us total in this area.  It just looks like the place is full because so many trailers are here all the time.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy To Sit Outside Again

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