Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunshine State?

We watched the weather forecast for weeks before we came here and it showed nothing but rain.  It continues to show nothing but rain in the forecast.  Isn't Florida the Sunshine State?  Actually, it has not rained that much on us, but it is cloudy.  We have enjoyed taking walks when it is lightly raining.  Tonight, our walk was very pleasant since it is cool out.

Mama took a lot of photos, but since it is cloudy, they are are not very pretty.  Dad said it is a little eerie being here when no one else is here.  We can only imagine how alive the place is when all the people come in October and stay the winter.

A look down the street into the vacant "village".

This is our yard.  We have a palm tree.

Our home.  The site next to us is vacant and may be our entire stay since it is blocked off.  The people who own it, may not allow it to be rented out.

Cacti tree?

Flowers in a yard.

Cool driveway.

Nice sitting area.  It is a in French, so not sure what it says.

Another pretty yard.

A lot of blooms on this one.  We hope it blooms while we are here.

Many of the homes have their windows covered like this one does.

This is a pretty home.
Today, when we were throwing our trash in the dumpster, a cat came flying out.  It scared us.  BOL!

Mama is getting so clumsy.  She got tangled in our leashes and landed on the grass.  Dad was outside and he didn't even notice.  She landed on her butt and was glad no one saw her.  She didn't get hurt because she landed on the grass.

The folks drove around today to find Dad's work places.  They have not seen a lot of restaurants.  Mama said "This is definitely not Texas."  She loves the food in Texas.  Tomorrow, they will go grocery shopping and Dad will get his haircut.  Thursday, Dad goes to work. 

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