Friday, June 21, 2013

Tropical Wave

We were not planning on blogging today because we didn't have much to say.  Oh, sure, the Heat won the basketball game last night and are now the champs. That is HUGE here, but not something we would normally blog about.  Mama is happy they won because they were playing the Spurs who are from Texas. It's not like we don't like the Spurs, but we are here in Florida and our Texas license plates stand out.  BOL!  Mama didn't want anyone to take a loss out on our Jeep.  The folks are actually not basketball fans at all and didn't even watch the series. 

There is also other news here.  A tropical wave may be coming tonight or tomorrow.  That sounds scary doesn't it?  Apparently, a tropical wave will bring us a lot of rain.

So, what caused us to blog?  Well, we just looked out the window and there is a family putting tents up.  We didn't even know tent camping was allowed here.  We just wonder how they are going to tent camp in this heat and then they will have to face the tropical wave. Yikes!   Mama said it will give us something to watch this weekend.  It is pretty entertaining just watching them put their tents up.  Yep, this place is really boring if watching people put their tents up is entertaining to us.  BOL!  Oh, it looks like the tents are up and they are sitting in chairs, sweating. 

What is the weather like here?  Well, the mornings are the worst.  When we take our 5:30 a.m. walk, it is so muggy.  Mama normally comes back sweaty.  It actually gets better as the day goes on.  Our evenings are actually pretty nice.  We normally take our longest walk at night.  We actually like it when it it cloudy and we don't mind a shower or two.  We may not be happy when the tropical wave hits though.  That may be more rain than we want.  If we are unhappy, can you imagine how the tent campers will feel?

Mama said a funny the other day.  She picked up some bananas the other day at Walmart.  She swears they were green when she got in line.  They were yellow when she got home.  BOL!

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