Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Greyhounds Are Cool And A Glimpse Of Graceland

People here think that greyhounds are cool.  We've been told that several times and yesterday, a man with a badge told us we were cool, so it must be true.  Who was the man with the badge?  We have 24 hour security here and they ride around in the golf carts and some ride bikes.  We are part of the "Graceland Complex", so we think that is why we have so much security or that is what Mama wants to believe. BOL!

Our campground is connected to the parking lot for Graceland, so it is a very easy walk to Graceland.  Mama decided to visit the gift shops on Monday.  As she was walking, she met a young man who started talking to her.  He was 28 and he shares the same birthday as Elvis.  He told her that he lives in Mississippi and travels to Nashville quite often on business and always stops here on the way.  He enjoys standing outside the gates of Graceland and talking with people.  He has toured Graceland five times.  Mama said speaking to him reminded her of an episode of Designing Women where the women visited Graceland and they met Elvis fans.  The man and Mama walked to Graceland together and Mama was happy to have his company instead of walking alone.  

This is the plaza that is across the street from Graceland.

Graceland is there. Can you see it?  Mama didn't have her regular camera with her.  She just had her phone.

You can see it a little better here.

Writing on the fence outside of Graceland. There is also writing on the sidewalk.

Mama asked the young man what he thought about the writing on the fence of Graceland.  He said he didn't care for it  He said they had power washed the sidewalk last week, but it was covered with writing again.    Mama doesn't care for the writing.

The young man quickly left Mama's side when he saw a teen dressed as Elvis.  BOL

There are several gift shops and three restaurants across from Graceland in the plaza.  There are specialized gift shops for his music, films, clothes, Hawaii and general items.  Mama didn't buy anything, but our time here is not over. Mama was hoping to find a "hound dog" item for us, but didn't see anything.  Pictures are allowed inside Graceland, but not in the gift shops.

Shops in the plaza.

The Lisa Marie, Elvis' plane.
Mama and Dad toured Graceland many years ago.  Mama really enjoyed it, but said she probably will not tour it again.  She has not been able to find a good coupon for it.  BOL  The lowest tour is $33 and she doesn't want to pay more than $20.  She said she would pay it if she hadn't toured it before. 

We are really amazed by the number of visitors to Graceland.  The parking lot is huge and it gets about half full each day.  Elvis weeks begins on August 9th.  It gets really crazy then, but we won't be here to see it.  We are moving to a state park on Sunday.  Mama would like to stay to people watch during Elvis Week, but our budget doesn't allow it.  :-(

The Greyhound Who Is A Very Cool Hound

Monday, July 29, 2013

We Are Hound Dogs In Memphis

Here we are on Hound Dog Way.
Last night, we were walking at 9 p.m. in our campground and a tour bus stopped and everyone looked out the window at us!  Mama thought it was safe to go bra-less since it was dark, but she didn't expect a tour bus of people to stop and stare at us.  I bet she doesn't do that again.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Was Part Of A Sightseeing Tour.  BOL!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Is Located At The End Of Lonely Street?

Heartbreak Hotel, of course!  Our campground is located behind the Heartbreak Hotel.  We are located on the corner of Don't Be Cruel and Blue Suede.  Yep, we are in "Elvis Land".  BOL!   We are surprised that they didn't put us on Hound Dog Lane.   We think we have the nicest site here.  We are a corner site and we have a yard.

The parking lot behind the sign is for Graceland. (This is our front view when a camper is not parked in front of us.)  Graceland is down the street.

Our site.  Definitely a nice yard to take a nap.

There is a huge dog walk area.  It would be perfect if it was fenced.
Dog walk area.

See, there is a lot of room.
 There is supposed to be a walking/bike trail that goes through the woods and a field. The trail ended, so we just walked around.  Unfortunately, one portion of the trail has a lot of broken glass, so we will not be walking in that area again.
The office.  Mama hasn't checked it out yet.
There are several restaurants right outside our campground and lots of Elvis shops.  Mama said she will go exploring tomorrow.

We passed by my old racetrack yesterday.  I refused to look.  I am retired, so no need to think about the past.  I do think I should receive disability since I broke my leg while working. 

Southland -This is where I spent most of my racing days.  I did a short stint in Florida.
The Greyhound Who Is Currently Living At The End Of Lonely Street.  BOL

Friday, July 26, 2013

Road Trip Resumes Tomorrow

Our vacation here in Missouri ends tomorrow.  Our next stop is Memphis!  We will be in the land of Elvis for just two weeks. We will also be very close to the track where I did most of my racing.  We will stay in a private campground to start and then we will move to a state park.  We would have liked to have stayed at the private park the entire stay, but the weekly rate is pretty high.  We are not staying at the state park the entire time because they do not have full hook-ups which means we have limited water. Mama really does not like not having full hook-ups.  We are currently in a state park without full hook-ups and our water supply is running low.  The folks are taking showers in the bath house and no laundry can be done.  They do not have a laundromat here.

While we were here, Dad celebrated his upcoming birthday with the family.  His brother's birthday is in July and his birthday is in August. They had a joint celebration.  A friend of Dad's sister made their cake.  It took her four days.

Uncle Rick is the hunter on the left and Dad is the fisherman on the right.

The cake was huge!  It was very moist and tasted great according to the folks.

Hopefully, we will get back on track with regular blogging now that our vacation is ending.  Mama is really behind on her restaurant blog.

The Greyhound Who Wonders How Many Elvis' Look-A-Likes He Will See Next Week

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The RV Repair Shop Is Boring!

Friday, the folks went to their doctor. Saturday, Scout and I visited our vet. Yesterday, the motor home went in for maintenance.  We left our campground before 7 a.m. and were at the RV shop before they opened.  Dad checked the motor home in and we headed out for breakfast.  We picked up breakfast at Burger King and then went to the park to eat it.  Mama packed us some peanut butter for a snack.

Scout found sand at the park.
I found this!  Do you see it?

Yep, a bunny!
After breakfast, we stopped back by the RV repair place because Dad wanted to ask the repairmen some questions.  After a while, Dad told us it was going to be a while.  He said he wanted to wait at the shop.  We went with Mama to the bank.  We then headed out to the cemetery to where Mama's Dad is buried.  Grand Dad died 26 years ago, but Mama still likes to visit from time to time.  We didn't get out of the car because she didn't want us marking any stones.

This is the church that Mama attended as a child and where she married Dad.  The church was built in 1863.
Grand Dad is buried in the cemetery at the church.  As you can imagine, there are very old stones in the cemetery.  Mama lived just a mile from the church on a gravel road.  The road is now paved.  Her grade school is located directly behind the church.  She has so many memories from this place.
The is the view from the church.  The area is a farming community.
On our way back to the RV shop, we drove past our old house.  The new owners have made improvements to it.  Scout and I sniffed the air as we drove by.

After we arrived back at the RV shop, they told us we could come inside.  It was in the 90's yesterday and too hot for us outside.  They had a huge fan that we laid in front of until lunch time.  We went to Jimmy John's and then to another park. We were back at the shop at 1:30 p.m.  We stayed there until 3:30 p.m.   It was a long day, but at least we were able to stay cool by the fan. The repairs on our motor home were much less than we budgeted, so that is good.

We drove to another campground here and that is our last stop in Missouri.  The water pressure is really low here and it took over a half hour for Dad to fill up the motor home.  We do not have full hook ups here, so we have to conserve our water usage.  Mama can't do laundry.

Today, Mama had a yearly test done.  We are now finish with all of that stuff.  Mama says she doesn't like this type of vacation.  It has been so busy and she is tired.

Oh, do you know what today is?  It is my GOTCHA DAY!   That's right folks....two years ago today, I moved in with this "crazy family".  BOL

The Greyhound Who Can't Believe How Different His Life Is Now Compared To His Life At The Track

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meeting And Greeting

We went to a meet and greet today that was held by our greyhound group, Greyhound Companions of Missouri.
Scout was the only brindle there for a long time.

A lot of the dogs looked like me. I had never seen so many white dogs with brindle or black spots.

Scout, that isn't me!  That is my cousin, Lester.  I think Scout liked him better than me. She asked Mama if I could be traded in for Lester.
Lester didn't care much for me and I felt the same way.  Maybe we felt we were looking at a mirror when we looked at each other.
The guy next to me is my cousin, Cash.  He is Lester's brother.  I thought Cash was cool.

I laid down because I got tired.

Scout wore her fancy collar today.  It is satin.

We were happy when it was time to go home.

Scout used me as a pillow.  She never does that.  I think she tried to make up to me after asking Mama if I could be traded in for Lester.

The Greyhound Who Is Glad He Has A Family And Can Be Himself At Meet N Greets Because He Doesn't Have To Impress Anyone.  BOL!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vacation Time!

Sorry we haven't been around much.  We are on vacation and apparently, that means a vacation from blogging, too.  We are doing fine, but we have been busy.  We haven't taken many photos.  :-(

We went trout fishing at Bennett Springs State Park.  I am not sure why they call it trout fishing because I never saw a trout.  Dad doesn't let us near the water because he is worried we might get a hook in a paw or that we might see some old bait and eat it.  We basically just walked around the campground.  Mama always likes taking photos at Bennett Springs, but she only did it as we were driving out of the park, so the photos are not that good.

The "waterfalls" at Bennett Springs.
Yesterday, the folks visited their doctor for their yearly check ups.  Today, Scout and I visited our vet.  Our vet has moved to a new location, so we were a little confused at first, but then we remembered him.

Yep, our vet is really called "My Vet".  It's an easy name to remember.
"When is he going to see me?"

"Why am I here?  I am current on my shots."
Scout has lost four pounds.  We thought it was more.  Mama says it is from all the walking we do.  We walked a ton in Houston and Denver, but not quite as much in Fort Lauderdale, but it is still a lot more than we used to do when we lived in a house.  I gained a pound or two, but the vet says it is because I am so muscular.  I am pretty ripped if I do say so myself.  The pictures really don't show it.  The vet was impressed by my body. 

After the vet visit, we went to the car wash.  It was scary!

Mama thought Scout's expression was really funny in this photo.
Mama picked up her mixer, sewing machine and a clock that the folks bought before they married 27 years ago from Grandma's house.  Mama is happy to have these items with her again.

Cookies are in our future.

The folks are visiting the family today, so Scout and I will hang out in the motor home.  We are exhausted after the vet and the car wash, so we are happy to sleep the day away.

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Think Other Dogs Go To The Vet On Their Vacation.

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