Friday, July 12, 2013

Leaving The Land Of Palm Trees

Hollywood Beach, FL
We are setting out on a long, three day road trip.  We should be back in Missouri Sunday night.  Dad is trout fishing for three days and then we will be  heading back to our home town. The folks will visit their doctor and Scout and I will see the vet.  The motor home is going in for some maintenance work.  It will be a busy time.  It is supposed to be a vacation, but Mama said she thinks she will be doing more cooking than she wants to do and that is not a vacation to her.  I guess she had her vacation while Dad was in DC this week.  BOL
Hollywood Beach

Mama planned on doing her laundry at the laundromat here, but the machines use a card instead of coins and they were out of cards.  Mama decided to hand wash some of her clothing.  She then decided to see if the dryer on our washer/dryer worked and it did!  She then pushed her luck and did a load of towels in our washer because it started working again.  She will still ask Dad to look at it. She thinks she must have jarred loose whatever was stuck in it or something. I think it was that last kick she gave it that fixed it.  BOL

Indiana Dunes State Park

The tent campers are still here!  It has been four weeks!  We think the parents are working around here because they leave and come back at the same time each day.  We just realized this week that their son is staying here by himself.  He is between the age of 11-13.  Mama says there is nothing for him to do here on his own except get into trouble.  He must really be bored.

Mama helped out one of the kittens yesterday.  We saw him on Tuesday on the far end of the campground which is way away from his house.  He is blind in one eye, if not both eyes.  We searched for him Tuesday night, but couldn't find him and thought he had returned home.  Wednesday morning, we saw him again in the area he was at on Tuesday.  Mama said he is going to starve to death on his own.  After our walk, she found a canvas bag that she didn't need and decided to use that to carry him.  She really didn't want to touch him because he probably has fleas and other things.  She scooped him up and carried him home.  He is now back with his siblings.  We have seen him three times since that time and he seems to be doing okay.   The canvas bag is in the dumpster and Mama scrubbed her hands really good.  BOL

We probably won't be updating our blog every day while we are traveling.  We will try to update the map each night.  It really depends on how tired we are. The trip here was three days and we were all dragging and cranky on the third day.

Indiana Dunes State Park
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