Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Greyhounds Are Cool And A Glimpse Of Graceland

People here think that greyhounds are cool.  We've been told that several times and yesterday, a man with a badge told us we were cool, so it must be true.  Who was the man with the badge?  We have 24 hour security here and they ride around in the golf carts and some ride bikes.  We are part of the "Graceland Complex", so we think that is why we have so much security or that is what Mama wants to believe. BOL!

Our campground is connected to the parking lot for Graceland, so it is a very easy walk to Graceland.  Mama decided to visit the gift shops on Monday.  As she was walking, she met a young man who started talking to her.  He was 28 and he shares the same birthday as Elvis.  He told her that he lives in Mississippi and travels to Nashville quite often on business and always stops here on the way.  He enjoys standing outside the gates of Graceland and talking with people.  He has toured Graceland five times.  Mama said speaking to him reminded her of an episode of Designing Women where the women visited Graceland and they met Elvis fans.  The man and Mama walked to Graceland together and Mama was happy to have his company instead of walking alone.  

This is the plaza that is across the street from Graceland.

Graceland is there. Can you see it?  Mama didn't have her regular camera with her.  She just had her phone.

You can see it a little better here.

Writing on the fence outside of Graceland. There is also writing on the sidewalk.

Mama asked the young man what he thought about the writing on the fence of Graceland.  He said he didn't care for it  He said they had power washed the sidewalk last week, but it was covered with writing again.    Mama doesn't care for the writing.

The young man quickly left Mama's side when he saw a teen dressed as Elvis.  BOL

There are several gift shops and three restaurants across from Graceland in the plaza.  There are specialized gift shops for his music, films, clothes, Hawaii and general items.  Mama didn't buy anything, but our time here is not over. Mama was hoping to find a "hound dog" item for us, but didn't see anything.  Pictures are allowed inside Graceland, but not in the gift shops.

Shops in the plaza.

The Lisa Marie, Elvis' plane.
Mama and Dad toured Graceland many years ago.  Mama really enjoyed it, but said she probably will not tour it again.  She has not been able to find a good coupon for it.  BOL  The lowest tour is $33 and she doesn't want to pay more than $20.  She said she would pay it if she hadn't toured it before. 

We are really amazed by the number of visitors to Graceland.  The parking lot is huge and it gets about half full each day.  Elvis weeks begins on August 9th.  It gets really crazy then, but we won't be here to see it.  We are moving to a state park on Sunday.  Mama would like to stay to people watch during Elvis Week, but our budget doesn't allow it.  :-(

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