Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Click, Clack....Buzz

That is the sound that our washing machine made yesterday.  It has made the click, clack before and Dad looked at and couldn't find anything wrong.  The next time it did it, he put his hands on the top of it and he healed it.  BOL!   Dad is in Washington DC and Mama doesn't seem to have the same healing powers. At first, the door wouldn't open.  Mama wanted to get the clothes out it.  She thought it would be embarrassing for a repair person to see Dad's underwear plastered to the glass in the door.  She also thought the machine might have an odor after being closed with wet clothes for days.  Finally, the door opened and she rescued the underwear. Mama read the manual and found there is a place to look for coins and other things that may have fallen into the pump. She didn't read the part that said to be prepared for water to drain out.  The only thing she could find that would fit under the washing machine was a pizza pan.  That was interesting.  The water finally stopped, but she can't get the knob to open.  She turns the knob counter clockwise like the instructions say, but nothing happens.  ::::sigh::::  I know, it doesn't sound complicated does it?  She has tried to turn it clockwise just in case her counter clockwise is not correct.  BOL   I bet Dad will turn it and it will open instantly.  The guy that Dad works with here gave Mama his number and said to call him if she needs anything.  She decided this does not count as an emergency even though she will have to do laundry with the lizards. The laundry room here is an outdoor one and lizards frequent it.  I think as long as she doesn't see a snake, it will be okay.  We hope we can fix the washing machine because if not, it may be a long time before we buy a new one. 

Scout at Indiana Dunes State Park

Mama spent yesterday morning shopping.  She ate at Wendy's and had one of their Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburgers.  Has anyone had one?  She thought it was really good.  She is going to have another one this week so see if the first one was just a fluke or if it was really that good.  BOL  Here is Wendy's description: 
A delicious new twist on our classic hot n juicy cheeseburger with a sweet & smoky honey mustard sauce, melted cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon all on a warm, soft pretzel bun. 
Me at Indiana Dunes State Park

Mama finally had some pictures of me printed off and framed.  It is about time!  Most of the pictures that are framed are of Jack.  Mama takes tons of photos of us, but she never bothers to print them out.  It is not like we have a lot of room for frames, but it is nice to see my photo on the dash with the other "kids".

Have your heard about Tropical Storm Chantel?  She is still headed for us, but it looks like we will be a day ahead of her.  We just hope we don't end up getting a lot of rain from her.   It doesn't sound like she will be bad, but it is not fun driving a motor home in rain. 

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Like His Mama Having A Car Because She Has Fun Without Him

Beach Life Is The Best

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