Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meeting And Greeting

We went to a meet and greet today that was held by our greyhound group, Greyhound Companions of Missouri.
Scout was the only brindle there for a long time.

A lot of the dogs looked like me. I had never seen so many white dogs with brindle or black spots.

Scout, that isn't me!  That is my cousin, Lester.  I think Scout liked him better than me. She asked Mama if I could be traded in for Lester.
Lester didn't care much for me and I felt the same way.  Maybe we felt we were looking at a mirror when we looked at each other.
The guy next to me is my cousin, Cash.  He is Lester's brother.  I thought Cash was cool.

I laid down because I got tired.

Scout wore her fancy collar today.  It is satin.

We were happy when it was time to go home.

Scout used me as a pillow.  She never does that.  I think she tried to make up to me after asking Mama if I could be traded in for Lester.

The Greyhound Who Is Glad He Has A Family And Can Be Himself At Meet N Greets Because He Doesn't Have To Impress Anyone.  BOL!

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