Saturday, July 13, 2013

Almost Home

We have been on the road for two days.  We have one more to go.  There really isn't much to say about the trip and I guess that is good.  The stops we make are at rest areas, truck stops and our campground at night.  It is great having a diesel engine because we just fill up with the big trucks.  It is easy in and easy out. 

Scout smiling at the camera.
The campground we stayed at last night in Tallahassee, FL say they are the best in Tallahassee.  If they are the best, we hate to see the worst.  The only grass they had, had signs that said not to walk on it. Where's a dog supposed to do his business?  Dad was concerned about how we were going to make the turn to get out of our site.  He ended up taking the long way around instead of how it should have been.  We were also not happy that their rates were higher than what they posted on the Internet.  It was $40 for a site.  CRAZY!  They did have great Internet, but that is not worth $40. 

The neatest thing about the campground were the big oak trees.  There was one section that was really pretty.  This was it though. If it all looked like this, we wouldn't be complaining.
Big oak trees at campground.

Tonight, we are staying in Clarksville, TN.  It is near the Kentucky border.  It is a really nice place.  There are a lot of areas for us to walk.  The campsites all look really nice and clean.  This is a place that we wouldn't mind staying long term.  It is $33 a night.

Me and Dad walking in the campground.


The cottages are cute. They even have flowers under the side window.
Mama made a peach cobbler tonight.  Yum! She is also doing laundry.  Yep, the machine is still working. 

We don't know what is wrong with our map.  We updated it today and it is not appearing correctly when we view it.

Tomorrow, is our last travel day!

The Greyhound Who Will Be Sniffing Missouri Grass Soon!

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