Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Time For Trout Fishing

We are at the trout fishing place.  I was here two years ago.  I had a cast on my leg back then.  I don't really remember the place, but Mama says it looks the same. There are a lot of people here.  Scout couldn't control herself and dripped all over a little girl.  It was her nose that was dripping.  Mama explained that we have been in a campground without other humans and Scout was just excited to get petted again.  I peed in a storm drain, but that is not as embarrassing as dripping all over someone.  I think it is fun to do. Girls can't do it like us guys can.

Our trip here was good.  We had excitement about 40 miles from here. The tractor trailer in front of us had a blow out.  It went "KABOOM" and his tire started shredded all over the highway.  Dad hit the brakes and we started heading for the shoulder.  It was scary, but we were fine.

Dad brought Mama home a digital picture frame from his trip.  She loaded it up with pictures of our travels, so now there are a lot of photos of me!!!

Grandma and Grandpa will be here later today.  They said they would eat lunch before they get here, so Mama said she is going to Wendy's.  Yes, she is getting another Pretzel Bun Bacon Cheeseburger. 

The Greyhound Who Thinks Peeing In A Storm Drain Cuts Out The Middleman

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