Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Have Computer Issues

Mama said we should send everyone a quick note and say that we are not MIA. Our computers have been giving Mama problems and every time she repairs one, the anti-virus has to update as well as Windows. Mama didn't really think about that happening, but we now have to limit our time on the Internet because we are on an air card which only gives us so much time a month. The company even sent us a warning that we were close to going over. Mama is stressing about it. We have 14 more days to get through and she works at home, so she has to save her mbs for work. She thought she was going to have 30 mbs last night to play with since she really limited her time on the Internet during the day, but the darn anti-virus did an auto update on her and before she knew it, she had used 62 mbs. She has limited herself to 95 mbs a day to get her through this "crisis". We are actually not supposed to be using the computer now, but she said we should check mail and a few other sites really fast and then it has to be turned off for the day.

Mama loves to surf the Internet so taking away her computer is really upsetting. Well, she could use it, but if she goes over her limit, she has to pay extra and it's not cheap. We can't wait until we move and have unlimited service and true high speed. ::::sigh::::

We are going camping next weekend and the place we are going does not have Internet access, so that will help Mama not feel so bad.

We probably won't be around much until this "crisis" is over. Hope to see you on August 7th, that is when our plan starts over again for the month.

Sorry, no photos. They take up mbs. :::sigh:::

Jack and Scout
The Greyhounds Who Hate Their Internet Service

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Can't Walk Through Glass

Most greyhound owners are told when they adopt a greyhound that they should put something on glass doors such as Post-It notes so that the greyhound knows they cannot walk through it. We are raised in kennels and do not have a lot of real life experience so we have to learn these things.

The Post-It notes were taken down from our patio doors long ago because we know we can't walk through glass. Apparently Mama doesn't know that. The other day she was using the BBQ on the deck. She had a plate in her hand and walked smack into the door. The plate hit her in the stomach and she left smudges all over the door. I ran in to see what happened and had to turn my head so that she would not know that I was laughing at her. Luckily she didn't get hurt and more importantly, she did not break the door. I bet she doesn't do that again.

The Coolest Greyhound In the World

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Feel Good!

After laying around for two days, I am all better. I am back to doing spins, running, jumping and goosing Mama. Daddy was out of town on business this week and every night Mama would update him on my progress. I heard her tell Daddy that she knows I'm fine because I ran from the yard, through the garage and jumped all three steps and then proceeded to jump on the bed in 5 seconds flat. I feel good!

Last night we were anxiously awaiting Daddy's return home when our electric went out. Mama waited five minutes and then called the electric company. You see, we live in a rural area and there are only seven houses on our road. If you don't call and let them know there is a problem right away, well that just delays having it fixed. Mama then called Daddy and told him the electric was out. He said he was about ten minutes from home. After 30 minutes, Daddy was still not home. Mama called him again and he said he was at the end of our road and a tree had fallen on the electric line. The electric guy was already there, so it should be back on soon.

Scout was freaking out because her ceiling fan was not working. She thinks she can't breathe without a ceiling fan running. I thought it was hot too, but Mama said it was only 79 in the house. We then had to hear how some dogs live outside and don't have air conditioning. We hear how lucky we are all the time.

Daddy finally got home, but we still did not have electric. We greeted him, but had to control ourselves because it was so hot. Daddy has always told us that if the electric goes out, we can go to the motor home and use the generator. Did we do that? No! Daddy kept saying that it would be back on soon, so we could just wait in the house.

We waited and waited. Mama and Daddy sat out on the deck and it was nice outside. I don't sit outside unless I have the sun on me. The electric finally came back on after being off three and half hours. We were so happy to have our air conditioning, ceiling fans and TV again. We don't like roughing it at all.

Life is back to normal today. We have electric, Daddy's home and I'm feeling good. Life is good!

The Greyhound Who Likes Living In a World With Electricity

It's time to go Blog Hopping!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's Milking It?

Mama told me this morning that she thinks I'm milking my injury. She told me that she wants me to stay quiet and so that is what I'm doing. She made me an egg for breakfast, but I didn't come in the kitchen to eat it. She brought it to me and since I'm supposed to stay quiet, I barely lifted my head to eat it. She said "Oh, poor Jack, are you going to be okay?" Of course I'm going to be okay. I'm just staying quiet. Daddy told her that I like being babied and I'm milking it. Mama didn't believe him until I got caught. Mama went outside to feed the birds and I thought she would be gone longer than she was. I was caught dancing around the living room. Oops! I immediately went back to bed and stayed there for the next 7 hours, but I think Mama is on to me.


Monday, July 5, 2010

We Are Keeping Mama On Her Toes

I gave Mama quite a scare last night. Scout was running laps in the yard and I just ran a small lap and started limping and crying. Mama checked out my foot and couldn't find anything wrong. I was able to run through the house fine, but once I laid down, I had trouble getting back up. Mama was really worried about me, but hoped I would be fine by morning. At 3 a.m., I let out a huge scream. Mama got me up and again I was fine walking around. She slept in the living room with me. Daddy and Mama checked me over and rubbed me every where, but nothing bothered me. Mama realized the aspirin that we have expired two years ago, so she went to town to buy me some. When she came back home, I celebrated by running through the house and playing with a toy. She said I looked a lot better. I'm feeling better. She said I need to take it easy though. I'm taking her advice and resting on the BIG bed. I hope I keep feeling better because if I don't I will have to visit the doctor.

Scout got in trouble this morning. Mama woke up to see Scout pulling off little pieces of the wall above her bed. She has done this before and Daddy had to fix it. We don't know why she does it. Does she lay in her bed and see something she can pull on and then she gets carried away with it? We don't know. She does some strange things. It's like she walks all the way around the table to get to the food dish. She could walk directly to it, but no, she has to walk all around the table to get to it. She's an odd one.

The Greyhound Who Is On Bed Rest Today

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Remember yesterday when I told you that our house smelled from that potato crock pot dish that didn't turn out? Mama told me that she hoped we wouldn't have a showing of the house. Well, guess what happened? At 10 a.m., the agent called and said someone wanted to see our house in an hour. You should have seen Mama and Daddy running around the house. It wasn't as funny as the time the agent called and told us the people were almost on our door step, but it was pretty funny. Mama ran from room to room and I chased after her. I kept goosing her. We got everything ready in about 30 minutes and instead of hiding in the motor home, we got to go for a ride.

We drove by the house that Mama looked at last week. We then looked at a house that Daddy likes, but Mama doesn't. Daddy likes it because it has a nice RV garage. Then we drove by a house that Mama and Daddy both really like. It's on a paved road, not a gravel one. It's not too far from town. It has a nice yard, but needs a fence. It could be a contender, but they have to see the inside in person and not just from pictures on the Internet. We still can't do anything until we sell ours, so there's no use getting excited about it.

After driving by houses, we went to Petsmart and Mama ran in and bought our food. She had coupon and it was on sale, so she saved like $8. We had to ride home with a 34 pound of dog food in the Jeep with us. Scout and I didn't like that. We did stop at Burger King and got some chicken tenders, so that made the trip extra special.

Grandma and Grandpa came over after we got home. We love when they visit. It was a very busy day.

We plan on having a quiet day today. Daddy is going to wax the RV and Mama is probably going to clean house. If we have another showing, then all those plans are out the window.

Happy 4th!!!!

The Greyhound Who Loves Weekends

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bacon, I Smell Bacon!

(Scout posing for photo)

Last night at 9 p.m., Mama started frying bacon. I was sleeping in the bedroom and thought it was morning already. Scout and I both started dancing around waiting for the eggs to be put in the skillet. Mama told us that she was trying a new recipe and it wouldn't be ready until morning. She layered potatoes, onions, bacon, cheese and butter in the crock pot. It looked and smelled delicious. She said when we got up in the morning, we would awake to wonderful smells.

The wonderful smells woke Scout up. At 3 a.m. she noticed a raccoon raiding the hummingbird feeder. She decided to alert Mama and maybe her reward would be the great smelling potatoes. She barked like she had never barked before. Mama jumped out of the bed so fast. She ran to the window and turned on the light. She noticed the hummingbird feeder was on the ground. She checked the potatoes and said they smelled so good and she went back to bed. What the heck? She was supposed to give us some for Scout being such a good watch dog.

At 6 a.m., we awoke to a smelly house. The good smells of earlier are gone. The potatoes look and smell burned. The anticipation of a delicious breakfast is over. Mama said we couldn't have eaten the potatoes anyway because they had onions. She will fix us an egg this morning though, so all is not lost.

The Greyhound Whose House Really Stinks Right Now

Friday, July 2, 2010

Three Day Weekend Ahead!

Mama told us this morning that she and Daddy are both off on Monday. We are excited! We are not camping this weekend because of fireworks. Fireworks are not allowed in the state parks, but it's possible that we could still hear some and Mama doesn't want us to get scared. We are much safer at home.

This morning Mama surprised us and took us for a ride. We went to the post office at 7 a.m. Is that crazy or what? Mama had to return a package and since it was only 66 degrees out, she said we could go with her. There's nothing like feeling the wind on your face as you zoom around on country roads. It's the best!

Thank you very much for all the Gotcha Day wishes. I had a nice day. I enjoyed time on my deck. I call it my deck because I'm the only one who really uses it. I enjoy feeling the sun on my face.

Petsmart is having a good sale this weekend, so that means we are getting a few things. We won't go shopping though because Mama says we are not good shoppers. She will go and surprise us with what she buys. It works for us.

Happy Friday!!!

The Greyhound Who Loves Fridays!

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