Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Remember yesterday when I told you that our house smelled from that potato crock pot dish that didn't turn out? Mama told me that she hoped we wouldn't have a showing of the house. Well, guess what happened? At 10 a.m., the agent called and said someone wanted to see our house in an hour. You should have seen Mama and Daddy running around the house. It wasn't as funny as the time the agent called and told us the people were almost on our door step, but it was pretty funny. Mama ran from room to room and I chased after her. I kept goosing her. We got everything ready in about 30 minutes and instead of hiding in the motor home, we got to go for a ride.

We drove by the house that Mama looked at last week. We then looked at a house that Daddy likes, but Mama doesn't. Daddy likes it because it has a nice RV garage. Then we drove by a house that Mama and Daddy both really like. It's on a paved road, not a gravel one. It's not too far from town. It has a nice yard, but needs a fence. It could be a contender, but they have to see the inside in person and not just from pictures on the Internet. We still can't do anything until we sell ours, so there's no use getting excited about it.

After driving by houses, we went to Petsmart and Mama ran in and bought our food. She had coupon and it was on sale, so she saved like $8. We had to ride home with a 34 pound of dog food in the Jeep with us. Scout and I didn't like that. We did stop at Burger King and got some chicken tenders, so that made the trip extra special.

Grandma and Grandpa came over after we got home. We love when they visit. It was a very busy day.

We plan on having a quiet day today. Daddy is going to wax the RV and Mama is probably going to clean house. If we have another showing, then all those plans are out the window.

Happy 4th!!!!

The Greyhound Who Loves Weekends

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