Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Have Computer Issues

Mama said we should send everyone a quick note and say that we are not MIA. Our computers have been giving Mama problems and every time she repairs one, the anti-virus has to update as well as Windows. Mama didn't really think about that happening, but we now have to limit our time on the Internet because we are on an air card which only gives us so much time a month. The company even sent us a warning that we were close to going over. Mama is stressing about it. We have 14 more days to get through and she works at home, so she has to save her mbs for work. She thought she was going to have 30 mbs last night to play with since she really limited her time on the Internet during the day, but the darn anti-virus did an auto update on her and before she knew it, she had used 62 mbs. She has limited herself to 95 mbs a day to get her through this "crisis". We are actually not supposed to be using the computer now, but she said we should check mail and a few other sites really fast and then it has to be turned off for the day.

Mama loves to surf the Internet so taking away her computer is really upsetting. Well, she could use it, but if she goes over her limit, she has to pay extra and it's not cheap. We can't wait until we move and have unlimited service and true high speed. ::::sigh::::

We are going camping next weekend and the place we are going does not have Internet access, so that will help Mama not feel so bad.

We probably won't be around much until this "crisis" is over. Hope to see you on August 7th, that is when our plan starts over again for the month.

Sorry, no photos. They take up mbs. :::sigh:::

Jack and Scout
The Greyhounds Who Hate Their Internet Service

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