Friday, November 30, 2012

Scenes From Our RV Park

There are some interesting sights to see in our campground.   We don't have a picture yet, but there is a Weimaraner that lays across the dash of his motor home.  There is no way that Dad would allow us to do that.

A new Christmas decoration was put up last night and Mama thinks it is cute.
The door closes and opens and Santa pops out.
There is a fifth wheel that Scout and I really like. They have cats.  The thing that is different is that they have a cage where the cats can come in and out of their home through a doggy door.  They have at least three adult cats and at least three kittens.

The doggy door is in the window.

The kittens are in a cage in front of the trailer.

I didn't want to leave the kittens this morning. 
 It is going to be warm today and we will have to run the AC.  Mama was happy yesterday because we made it through the day without turning it on.  It was cloudy yesterday.  We are not complaining about the heat, but we are trying to save on our electric bill.  There isn't any shade here.  It feels great outside, but the motor home heats up with the sun.

Mama is still using Emeals and loves it.  Last night, she fixed Orange-Sesame Chicken Stir Fry with Ramen Noodles.  She thought it was really good. 

If you are interested in trying Emeals, they have a 30% off coupon right now.  Just enter CYBER when checking out.  Mama just renewed her subscription. She ordered a six month subscription and they let her use the coupon, so I don't think you have to sign up for a full year.  Their prices have definitely gone up in the past year, but Mama says they are still worth it to her.  She doesn't have to plan out menus and grocery shopping is so easy.  She has a really hard time now if she has to plan out a meal. 

The folks are not going to do any sightseeing this weekend.  They decided they want a weekend to just relax.  They are going to a huge RV dealership and will just look around.  They will eat out, of course.  They also need to find a Walmart with a supercenter.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Kittens Are Interesting

Thursday, November 29, 2012

We Put Our Tree Up!

It took us about 30 seconds to put our tree up.  BOL!  Our tree is not the prettiest, that is for sure. We like it though. It is a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Mama added greyhound ornaments to it and she made a skirt for it.

It is on our dash. There are some people who have decorated with lights here. We hope that as we get closer to Christmas that more people will decorate. The resort put lights out earlier this week, but they are clear lights. They don't look really like Christmas lights. It just looks like a fancy venue. They did put some clear lights on a few of the palm trees and that looks nice.

Today, Mama worked on her Christmas cards. She is not doing an exchange this year because we didn't have our address when the sign ups started.  She is just sending them to a few friends and family this year.

We haven't heard anymore from our agent about our house.  Mama did email him a few minutes ago and asked because he sent her an email about something else.  She hasn't heard back yet.

The people here seem very nice.  Our neighbor brought a Subway sandwich over for Mama's lunch yesterday.  She said she noticed that she was alone. We thought that was very nice.

The Greyhound Who Likes Patrolling The Campground

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday 11/28/12

Dad thought this "outhouse" had a funny name.

I don't care if the dog wash is free, I'm not using it.
The Greyhound Who Doesn't Need A Bath Since He Is Not Allowed Near The Lake

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Learning The Ropes Here

We are really liking the RV park, so far.  The only thing we are not thrilled about is the walking area for us, but it's not terrible.  We really like the large dog run.  However, most people are not cleaning up after their dogs even though they are supposed to do so.  They have really good bags right there according to Mama and the dumpster is just outside of it.  Supposedly, if you get caught not cleaning up after your dog, you will be fined or kicked out of the park. 

Scout looking at Christmas decorations.

Us walking yesterday around the resort.

Palm trees in the fog.
The lounge/exercise room.

Mama is thrilled that they have a popcorn machine.  They also have free coffee.  There is a computer room, books to read and movies to watch.

This is the laundry room.  A card is used instead of change.  Mama thinks she likes that better. Wash time is only 15 minutes.

Mama is thrilled that we can have our mail sent here instead of going to the post office. She ordered a foldable wagon yesterday that she has been wanting to help her on laundry days. It was on sale at Camping World. She then found out that we can rent golf carts here for $6 a day, but we won't be here forever, so she still needs the wagon.  The place in Illinois charged $60 a day to rent their golf carts.  She did laundry today and she struggled to get it there.  She almost broke down and rented the golf cart.

Yesterday, we organized the motor home.  Mama still needs to organize the baskets underneath the bathroom sink.  It feels nice and homey in here. 

These are the things that Mama kept and put in the curio cabinet here.

Last night, the folks went to Walmart to buy groceries.  However, the Walmart they went to was not a super center, so they had to go to a grocery store called Randall's.  Mama wasn't happy because the prices were higher and she had trouble finding things on her Emeals list, but she got it done.  They took a wrong turn coming home and had to backtrack.  Mama was a little nervous because the power cord on the GPS broke yesterday and she didn't know how much battery life they had left.  The GPS said "you have arrived" and they hadn't.  Luckily, they remembered what street to take.  We still think the roads around here are confusing, but Mama said we will learn our way around this weekend.

Oh, guess what?  We had a showing at our house on Sunday and today, they are coming back to look at it again!  It's the neighbors that showed interest in it before we left.  It would be wonderful if we can work out a deal with them.   We are hopeful, but guarded right now.

Mama started a new blog for her restaurants reviews.  It's called That One Restaurant.

The Greyhound Who Is Content In Houston

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Houston....It Feels Like We Have Returned Home

Mama was almost giddy as we passed by our old stomping grounds here in Houston.  She pointed out her favorite restaurants, of course.  We zoomed past the exit to our old campground.  We are on the other side of the city this time.

We left Sherman, TX about 7 a.m. this morning.  We drove through Dallas.
Dallas, TX

A greyhound bus passed us.  We really need to clean the windshield.
Even horses need potty breaks at rest areas.

Yep, this is Houston traffic on a Sunday afternoon. We expected it.

We were surprised how heavy the traffic was an hour outside of Houston when we were in the middle on nowhere.

We arrived at our new campground around 1:30 p.m.   It is a nice place. It is what Mama expected which is concrete pad after concrete pad.  There is not a lot of area for us to walk except in the street. Dogs are not allowed on the path around the lake.  We think that is rude. They have three dog runs and the one closest to us is like a box. However, there is a pretty large one just down the street from us and we could even run a little in that one if we get the urge.  Mama is very happy that they have the large dog run.

The folks drove to Dad's workplace tonight and it is about nine miles away.  They then went out to eat at Mama's favorite steak place, Saltgrass Steak House.  She will write a review later on it.

Tomorrow, we will help Mama organize things in Goldie.  The folks will go grocery shopping after Dad gets home from work.  They decided to wait because the stores were really crowded and they were tired tonight.

We are happy and content to be living our dream once again.

The Greyhound Who Is Tired After Walking A Long Lap Around The "Resort"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

We Are In Sherman, TX

We left this morning a little after 8 a.m., I think. It was very cold last night. It was in the low 20's.  Brrrr!!!  We had to run our space heater and our furnace and we were still chilly.  Mama covered us up with blankets in the middle of the night.  We probably should have broken out the jammies.  It sure was nice to arrive in Texas where it is warmer.

Our trip here was uneventful, which Mama says is a good thing.  Mama told me to move once and I burped in her face.  I thought that was pretty funny. 

We traveled through Oklahoma most of the day.
 We took the Will Rogers Turnpike and paid $9 in fees, but two miles later we exited, so they gave us $4.50 back. 
We didn't stop here, but we thought it was cool looking.

These are not real.  They are just on the side of the road in Oklahoma.

Our windshield needs to be cleaned.  BOL!

This is where we are staying.  No cookies or dog treats here.

The camp host is all decorated for Christmas.

This is our site.
The campground here is nice, but it does not have a lot of walking area for us.  We are glad this is not where we are staying long term.

We plan to get a little bit of an earlier start tomorrow so that the folks can go grocery stopping and learn their way around before Dad goes to work on Monday.

The Greyhound Who Is In Texas For The Second Time This Year

Friday, November 23, 2012

On The Road Again!

Yep, we are on the road again!   It is amazing that we were able to get everything done with the house.  Almost everything we own has been donated, given away or sold.  Mama painted two rooms, plus painted trim for three rooms, she did landscaping, and shredded tons of papers.  Dad hung doors and trim and finished a bathroom in the basement.  There were lots of little things that they also did and all of this was done in six weeks. 

We left this morning at 10:15.  Mama thought she might cry, but she only got a little misty-eyed when she said good-bye to the house as we pulled out of the driveway.  It is strange that we will not be back again.  I guess it is possible that if it doesn't sell and Dad is sent somewhere we can't go, we may go back for a month or two.  We really hope it sells though so that we don't have to worry about it.

Come on Dad.  We are waiting!



Scout is ready to go.

 Today's drive was a short one. We didn't know for sure what time we would be ready to leave, so we made reservations in Carthage, MO.  It is four hours from home, but after stopping for gas and then a lunch break, it took us about five and half hours.

We are staying at a place called the Big Red Barn. It is a nice campground.  They gave me and Scout treats and they gave the folks homemade cookies.

Scenes from the campground.

The office.

Our site.
 Mama fixed her favorite traveling food for dinner.

This is a quick and easy dinner on our travel days.
Tomorrow, we should reach Texas, but not Houston.  We decided to have three shorter driving days instead of two long ones.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy To Be RVing Again

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's Crazy Around Here!

Yesterday, the man came over to put our house on the market.  We had to rush around and clean, clean, clean. 

After he left, Mama said it was time to pick out the toys that I want to take with us.  I kept changing my mind.

 Mama said it was okay that I could take this many because she put them in a Space Saver Bag.  She then took the air out of them and this is what I am left with.

They look kind of sad, but once we open the bag up, they will be fine.  Dad stored them under the bed in the motor home.  I left out a few toys to play with for a while and when I get tired of them, I can play with these.

This morning, Mama left to run errands.  Grandpa came over to help Dad move the items that we are keeping to their house.  This is what Mama kept.
She only kept what could be put in this cabinet. Jamie is on top, but he is coming with us.  Dad said that Mama ended up with an extra shelf when he re-arranged things.

On Mama's way home, she received a phone call from our agent.  He said he had someone who wanted to see the house in an hour.  The showings were not supposed to start until after we left, but Mama was not surprised to get a call.  She hurried to put the groceries away and then ran around like a crazy woman hiding our beds, food dishes and remaining toys. Scout and I were trying to help by dancing around her.  It was crazy!

Since we had to leave the house, we ended up meeting Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma at the park for lunch.  We stopped at KFC and bought chicken for our picnic.  We told Scout it was her birthday celebration even though it was a day late.  It was fun!  We came home and took a nap.  It has been an exhausting week.

The Greyhound Who Likes Going On Picnics

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday To My BIG Sister!

Today is Scout's birthday!  She is seven!

Scout is a pretty nice as far as sisters go.

She is pretty good at playing with toys.

She likes to play in the yard even though I run circles around her.

I just wish she could learn to do steps so that we could go on more hikes.

Happy Birthday Big Sister!

The Greyhound Whose Sister Is Seven

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time Is Flying

We have been so busy since Dad has been home that it is all just a blur for us.  Mama has been sick since Dad came home. She had a slight sore throat when he arrived home. He said it was because she was talking too much. When she went to the doctor for her check up, she told the doctor that she wasn't feeling well.  She prescribed amoxicillin and Mama thought she would get better fast....WRONG!   It has been over a week and she is still sick.  The really bad sore throat turned into a cold after five days. Mama could barely talk and her coughing scared me BIG time. We have been roommates in the living room at night because she can't lay down to sleep. She is getting better, but she has another problem.  She can't taste food or smell anything. We think it is from the amoxicillin.  She had one more day of it and then she hopes she can taste food again.  Last night, she went out to dinner with Dad's Dad and she thinks the food was good, but she can't say for sure. BOL!

I'm exhausted after helping Dad today.
We sold the truck on Wednesday.  The folks were happy.  Mama listed it on Craigslist and it sold in less than 24 hours. The man who bought it was nice.

We received our new address on Wednesday.  Mama spent the morning updating it.  She is happy to be able to cross that off our list of things that needed to be done.

Today, the folks put a lot of stuff out in the yard. They put a lot of stuff in the free pile and then other things in the $2 pile and $5 pile. Our elevator feeder as well as our food storage bin were sold.  We are using the ones we keep in the RV now.  A man came by and filled up his car with items.  He has to come back tomorrow to get the rest. Mama asked him if he was interested in a gun cabinet and he said he was.  He came in and bought that as well as a bench seat Mama had. Another couple stopped and took the rest of the free things.  They also bought a few things.  We just have a few things left to sell.

Mama has started loading things into the RV.  She is making good progress, she thinks.  

Monday, we will be listing our house for sale.  Monday or Tuesday, the folks will take the few things we are keeping over to Grandma's house.  Wednesday, we will be working in the yard and doing last minute things.  Thursday, the folks will be spending the day with family and Scout and I will be waiting for leftovers.  BOL!

We are beginning our HUGE Adventure Part 2 on Friday instead of Saturday.  The folks decided they would rather made the trip to Houston in three shorter days instead of two long ones.

It's been a crazy time here, but we have had a lot of downtime, too!

The Greyhound Who Can't Believe It's Almost Time To Hit The Road

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Gift From Jamaica

Okay, it's really Mama's gift, but I LOVE it!   Dad wanted to get Mama something special in Jamaica. A nice lady that he worked with there helped him and he decided to commission a greyhound sculpture.  The sculptor had never seen a greyhound before.  Dad found a picture of a bronze statue and gave it to him.   The statue is carved from wood.  It came out a lot bigger than Dad imagined.  BOL!  It's not huge, but when you are living in an RV, we strive for compact things.

Dad said the statue caused a little attention when he went through customs. An agent asked him if he had a dog in his luggage. She asked if it was a basset hound.  BOL!

Mama calls the greyhound a Jamaican Greyhound Puppy because he doesn't "exactly" look like us.  We love him and we want to thank the nice lady who helped Daddy get him.  She is now a reader of our blog!

Are you ready to see him?

Put him down, Mama.

I like to sniff his butt.

I slobber on his nose.

I sniff his ears.

He is cool!

I bet the sculptor will always remember making this statue for us!

The Greyhound Who Is Happy That "Jamie" Is Going On The Huge Adventure With Us

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