Sunday, November 4, 2012


Friday morning, we woke up to a swarm of bugs in our kitchen and bathroom. They were very small things that were flying around.  They mainly stayed on our sliding door in the kitchen and in our bathroom. Mama kept smashing them with her hands, but more kept appearing.  She figures she killed at least 40 that way.  She tried to figure out what they were from pictures on the Internet.  She thinks they were flying ants.  She emailed Dad about it.  He told her to find their trail.  She couldn't.  She sprayed ant spray all around the outside of the patio door and all around our deck and around the windows.  Mama's BFF suggested getting some fly strips. It wouldn't keep them from coming in, but it would kill the ones inside.  Mama did that. The strips have a lot of dead bugs on them.  The number of new bugs yesterday was small and so far this morning, we haven't seen any new ones.   Could it just have been a swarm of bugs that hatched and ended up inside our house?  We don't know.  Maybe Mama sprayed their nest and killed them.  As long as they don't reappear, we are happy.

Friday afternoon, Mama went to lunch with Grandma and Aunt Pam.  They ate at a place in Union, MO called Junie Moon Cafe.   It is a cute place with a lot of decorations on the walls.  It has a warm feeling to it. The staff was very nice.

Mama ordered a BBQ Cheeseburger and coleslaw as her side. They make their own chips, but she wanted coleslaw.
BBQ Cheeseburger and coleslaw. The bread is definitely unique.
 Mama said the sandwich was good.  The BBQ sauce was a little on the heavy side.  The coleslaw was creamy, but lacked taste which was odd.  The bread was very light.  It was a good meal.

Grandma and Aunt Pam both ordered a salad and onion soup.  They liked their food.  Grandma had blackberry cobbler for dessert and Aunt Pam had Cinnamon Bread Pudding.  They both said dessert was good.  They took leftovers home.  Mama did not because she ate all her food.  Oink!

Junie Moon Cafe on Urbanspoon

Friday night, Mama missed Dad's phone call.  She was taking photos of us with her cell phone and her phone didn't ring because of that.  Mama was bummed after that.  Dad later asked what we were doing that was so cute. We were laying next to each other.  Actually, I was trying to get a bully stick from Scout and she laid on top of it to hide it from me.

One of the photos that caused Dad's phone call to be missed.
Yesterday, Mama went shopping for yarn.  She wants to make a tree skirt for our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  She finally found what she wanted at the fourth stop.  She stopped at Ponderosa for lunch.  She said it is easier eating at a buffet by yourself than at a regular restaurant.  She came home in the afternoon and we just chilled the rest of the day. It was nice.

The Greyhound Who Hopes His House Remains Bug-free

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