Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time Is Flying

We have been so busy since Dad has been home that it is all just a blur for us.  Mama has been sick since Dad came home. She had a slight sore throat when he arrived home. He said it was because she was talking too much. When she went to the doctor for her check up, she told the doctor that she wasn't feeling well.  She prescribed amoxicillin and Mama thought she would get better fast....WRONG!   It has been over a week and she is still sick.  The really bad sore throat turned into a cold after five days. Mama could barely talk and her coughing scared me BIG time. We have been roommates in the living room at night because she can't lay down to sleep. She is getting better, but she has another problem.  She can't taste food or smell anything. We think it is from the amoxicillin.  She had one more day of it and then she hopes she can taste food again.  Last night, she went out to dinner with Dad's Dad and she thinks the food was good, but she can't say for sure. BOL!

I'm exhausted after helping Dad today.
We sold the truck on Wednesday.  The folks were happy.  Mama listed it on Craigslist and it sold in less than 24 hours. The man who bought it was nice.

We received our new address on Wednesday.  Mama spent the morning updating it.  She is happy to be able to cross that off our list of things that needed to be done.

Today, the folks put a lot of stuff out in the yard. They put a lot of stuff in the free pile and then other things in the $2 pile and $5 pile. Our elevator feeder as well as our food storage bin were sold.  We are using the ones we keep in the RV now.  A man came by and filled up his car with items.  He has to come back tomorrow to get the rest. Mama asked him if he was interested in a gun cabinet and he said he was.  He came in and bought that as well as a bench seat Mama had. Another couple stopped and took the rest of the free things.  They also bought a few things.  We just have a few things left to sell.

Mama has started loading things into the RV.  She is making good progress, she thinks.  

Monday, we will be listing our house for sale.  Monday or Tuesday, the folks will take the few things we are keeping over to Grandma's house.  Wednesday, we will be working in the yard and doing last minute things.  Thursday, the folks will be spending the day with family and Scout and I will be waiting for leftovers.  BOL!

We are beginning our HUGE Adventure Part 2 on Friday instead of Saturday.  The folks decided they would rather made the trip to Houston in three shorter days instead of two long ones.

It's been a crazy time here, but we have had a lot of downtime, too!

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