Thursday, November 29, 2012

We Put Our Tree Up!

It took us about 30 seconds to put our tree up.  BOL!  Our tree is not the prettiest, that is for sure. We like it though. It is a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Mama added greyhound ornaments to it and she made a skirt for it.

It is on our dash. There are some people who have decorated with lights here. We hope that as we get closer to Christmas that more people will decorate. The resort put lights out earlier this week, but they are clear lights. They don't look really like Christmas lights. It just looks like a fancy venue. They did put some clear lights on a few of the palm trees and that looks nice.

Today, Mama worked on her Christmas cards. She is not doing an exchange this year because we didn't have our address when the sign ups started.  She is just sending them to a few friends and family this year.

We haven't heard anymore from our agent about our house.  Mama did email him a few minutes ago and asked because he sent her an email about something else.  She hasn't heard back yet.

The people here seem very nice.  Our neighbor brought a Subway sandwich over for Mama's lunch yesterday.  She said she noticed that she was alone. We thought that was very nice.

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