Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dad Is Headed Home!

Do you know what that means?  It means that we need to clean.  BOL!

Mama left early this morning for a doctor's appointment.  She HATES going to the doctor.  She did receive some good news. The doctor said she lost nine pounds and she is at her 2008 weight.  Mama said it sounds like she is a boxer or something being at her 2008 weight.  BOL!   Mama told the doctor that she gives me credit for her weight-loss because of all the walking that we do.  If she lost nine pounds in five months, she should be able to loose 18 pounds in a year if we are living in the RV full-time, don't you think?  The doctor said that she feels it is easier to loose weight by increasing exercise than by cutting back on food. That means that Mama can keep eating her beloved potato chips. BOL!

Mama told the doctor we were going to be living in the RV full-time and she looked at her like she had two heads. Oh, well, it's not a lifestyle that everyone can appreciate.

The doctor asked Mama how she got the terrible bruise on her leg.  Mama explained to her that she was unhooking the Wii last week and she got stuck behind the TV cabinet and she freaked out. She didn't have her cell phone in her pocket, so she thought she might be stuck back there for days until someone found her. She squeezed her way out, but she bruised up her leg big time.  It was silly to get that scared, but that is what happened.  

Mama stopped at McDonalds to celebrate her weight-loss. She then got the oil changed, had prescriptions filled and did a little other shopping.  We watched Days Of Our Lives and now it is time to clean.  I don't know why we have to clean for Dad, but Mama said our "vacation" is over and we need to look more presentable.  It won't last. The house will be dirty again in 24 hours. BOL!

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