Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dad Is Home And We Are Busy!

Mama is sick, but we still wanted to give you a quick update since we haven't been around for a few days.

Dad came home late Wednesday night. Thursday, the folks mailed the form that is necessary for us to have a new address in Texas. We will be using a mail forwarding company and they are located in Texas. The form had to be notarized with Dad's signature and picture ID, so Mama had to wait for him. We should know our new address by Wednesday.

Friday, the folks went to the doctor for their yearly check-ups. Mama told the doctor that her throat was hurting her. The doc said that it looked like the start of something, so she gave her amoxicillin.  The folks came home and worked on the trim in the house.

Saturday, Mama felt better.  They put stuff out in the yard to sell. Grandpa bought our ATV and trailer that it goes on. Mama put his ATV on Craigslist and sold it. She also sold our log splitter. Some neighbors came by and bought our rocking chairs, bikes and heater. They were excited to learn we were selling our house because her son might be interested in it. She said that there are three family members that live on our road and they would love for him to be close by too.  We are not counting on it, but they were very excited and wanted to tour our house. Mama said the house was not ready to be seen.

Today, Mama woke up feeling really bad and is still feeling bad.  She is really hoping tomorrow is better.  They sold the BBQ grill and our patio furniture.  Dad finished the trim, but it still needs to be touched up with paint. He hopes to put a for sale sign on the truck tomorrow.

Dad brought Mama home a present, but I think it's mine. We will take photos of it as soon as Mama is feeling better.

The Greyhound Who Is Very Happy That Dad Is Home

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