Monday, May 27, 2019

It's A Boy!!!!

Meet Jaxson!  We adopted him on Saturday, May 25th.

This is the photo that was on the GPA Houston site.  I fell in love with him when I saw this photo.
He is a beautiful brindle boy.  He never raced, but his registered name is Farewell.  He loves toys, people and watching TV.  He reminds me of Jack because of his love of toys and the TV.  He looks more like Scout. He is very soft.  He is a sweet boy and loves to nuzzle up to everyone he meets.  We thought he chose us but after seeing how he reacts to people, I think we were just the lucky people who snatched him up.  I knew before I ever met him that he was the boy for us. 

This picture looks so much like Jack watching TV.
He is doing really well.  The first night, he didn't sleep much, but the second night was great.  We are working on his alone training and so far he is doing fine with it.  He lived in a kennel, so everything about home life is new to him.

Jaxson likes kids and little dogs are not a problem.  He is not scared of the traffic noises.  He is exactly what we needed for our lifestyle.  Tomorrow, he will test out the beach.

Stay tuned as Jaxson takes over the blog.  I think this boy will have a lot to say.

Friday, May 17, 2019

One More Week!

My husband retired early on April 12th.  We drove to Michigan to visit the Ford Presidential Museum.  We have now visited all 13!  It was on our bucket list to do this.  Joey was with us for all of them except for Ford's.  We then went home to Missouri and visited family for a few weeks.  It was a very nice trip.

We received the call from the adoption group this week.  They have a few dogs for us to see.  Our appointment is for May 25th.  We may be bringing a new boy or girl home with us.

The new pup is hopefully going to Abilene KS with us in June for a greyhound event. 

I hope the next time I post I have a new pup to tell you about.

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