Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting Closer To Denver

We are getting closer to Denver.  We are now in the Mountain Time Zone.  We should be at our campsite in Denver by lunchtime tomorrow.

Today's trip went well.  We had trouble getting our stabilizing jacks to come up again, but it was not operator error this time. Dad says he needs to grease them.  We hope they come up tomorrow and then we will fix them in Denver.  We had more trouble with our braking alarm.  It appears there is a bad connection.  We stopped once because the red light came on which means the Jeeps' brakes were on while we were driving.  We were able to pull off at a gas station, but the Jeep was fine.   We will need to figure out where the bad connection is on the brake alarm system when we get to Denver.  It worked fine with the other motor home. 

There was one funny thing that happened today. We had just pulled out of the campground and we were making a left hand turn to get to the highway. Dad looked in the back up camera and didn't see the Jeep. Mama looked in the camera and said "WHERE'S THE JEEP?"  It turns out that Dad had the signal on and that switches the camera to the side view instead of the back view of the motor home.  BOL!  The Jeep was there, we just couldn't see it.

We saw buffalo today, but no photos as the camera's battery went dead.   We could have seen the world's largest prairie dog, but Dad said we didn't have time to stop.  They also had rattlesnakes and pigs that you could pet according to the signs.  We assume they mean you pet the pigs and not the rattlesnakes.  We saw a rattlesnake in our campsite last year and that was close enough for us.  There were also signs for a Prairie Dog Town.  It may have been the same place.  We are not sure.  We think Prairie Dog Town would have been fun to visit.

There were two bunnies running around the campground this morning.  Scout said maybe it was the Easter Bunny, but I don't think it was. 

Our campground here in Kansas is empty except for one other camper and they put us next to them.  The place is pretty basic.  It is very flat.  The place last night was full of hills.

We hope we don't have any typos in our post. We are tired and it looks fine to us.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Gained An Hour Today

Saturday, March 30, 2013

We Are In Oklahoma!

We arrived in Oklahoma around the time we expected even though we left 45 minutes late and our stops were longer than we planned.  We had a few stressful moments.  We couldn't get our stabilizing jacks to come up when we were leaving our campground.  It turns out it was operator error.  That is all we will say about that.  BOL!  Then, our alarm kept going off telling us that the braking system on the Jeep was not working correctly. It turns out that it was just a bad connection.  Dad was upset with the back up camera until he realized it was on nighttime mode instead of daytime. He didn't realize that until the end of the day.  We are still learning about this motor home compared to our other one.  We have been nervous about this trip because we knew we needed to really drive it to learn some things.  Hopefully, we won't learn as much tomorrow.  BOL!  
Scout relaxing on our trip.

Mama moved my bed to the front with her.  I am a happy guy.
Oklahoma scenery

Another view in Oklahoma
Our campground is nice.  They make pizza and chicken wings here.  Mama was happy not to have to fix dinner tonight.

We walked around the campground tonight, but we kept getting stopped by people wanting to meet us.

Scout was a big hit.  I just wanted to explore.  We didn't get to see the entire place because it got dark.
The office, store and restaurant.

The lake?

Not sure this is what it is supposed to look like.  Lots of  red clay here.

Picnic area

Dog run

There is so much to sniff here.
Tomorrow will be another long day of driving.  We will spend the night in Goodland, KS.

The Greyhound Who Is Headed To Bed Early Tonight

Friday, March 29, 2013

Leaving Houston Tomorrow

We are leaving Houston tomorrow.  We have been here for four months!  We have accomplished several things.

  • We sold our house.
  • We bought our new motor home.
  • We became Texans. Dad became one this week, so now we are official.
  • We bought shades for our motor home.  I am not sure if that one really counts, but Mama says it does.
 We are actually sad to leave Houston this time.  Mama couldn't get out of here fast enough last time, but this time we are staying in a different part of town and Mama likes it.  She loves shopping in Missouri City, TX.  She found a little bitty Mexican drive thru restaurant, Tornado Taco, that she loves.  She only ate there twice, but the last time she had their potato and steak burrito and said it was the best fast food burrito she has ever had.  It had potatoes, steak, pico de gallo and queso.  It sounded good, but we wouldn't know because she ate the whole thing before she got home.

A funny thing happened the other night. Mama ordered a meat lovers pizza with black olives and mushrooms and Quepapas from Pizza Hut.  Quepapas are like tator tots with jalapenos in them.  She ordered online.  She received a phone call from them and she couldn't understand what the man was saying.  He was speaking Spanish. Mama took her first Spanish class that day, but nothing she learned sounded like what he was saying.  BOL!  She thought he was saying no delivery, but she finally figured out he was saying no quepapas today.  She somehow figured out that he was asking her to order something else. She told him the chocolate dessert.  She didn't know for sure what she was going to get.  The delivery driver ended up getting lost.  He finally arrived and Mama was delighted to see the chocolate dessert was correct. She was not happy to see that her pizza ended up just being black olives and mushrooms.  BOL!

Since we are now Texans, this hangs in our home.
Dad has to work very late tonight.  We are not happy about that.  Mama is already putting things away.  Our flag and spinner are stored.  This will be the first time that she has had to store things away in this motor home for a road trip, so she has to figure out where things should go. We don't want things falling all over the place while we are going down the road. Our shades are off the windows and stored.  We plan to leave by 7 a.m. tomorrow, if all goes as planned.  We will spend the night in Oklahoma City at a campground where the manager called us "One Of Those People" when Mama gave her our address.  BOL!  She is referring to the address that people are given when they use the mail service we use. The street address is well known in the camping world because when we give it, people always know we are full-timers.

Oh, we found out our next destination yesterday which means we will only be in Denver for a month.  We hoped to stay longer.  We will give you one hint and that is that it is not Egypt.  BOL!  Yes, Dad was asked if he wanted to go there.  He was able to say no without any issues since he only works in North America.

The Greyhound Who Is Ready To Hit The Road

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Wednesday Funny

Aunt Donna from our greyhound group, GCMO, sent this to Scout.  

Mama laughed and laughed.  Scout didn't think it was so funny.  Scout would like to let everyone know that she is trimming down with all the walking that she has been doing.  Personally, I am not trimming down, but bulky up. You should see my butt muscles! It is not just me bragging. People comment on my muscles all the time.

The Greyhound Who Has A Muscular Butt

Monday, March 25, 2013

Trader's Village

The folks went to Trader's Village yesterday.  It is a huge outdoor flea market.  Pets are not allowed, but they sell dogs, birds and snakes there.  Mama said she thinks you can buy just about anything there. They have appliances, tons of bras and even stun guns. The biggest problem is that most of the people do not price their items and since most of the sellers are Hispanic, there is a language barrier. On a side note,  Mama is starting her online Spanish course today.  She is tired of not knowing what signs say and what people are saying. She said this will be a problem almost everywhere we travel, so she is taking action.  BOL!  She is not sure she will be successful, but she is going to give it a try.


Rakes and shovels


Amusement Rides

A train for the kids

Mama bought a hat since it was so windy.  It has a drawstring to keep it from flying off.  It can be a flopping hat or it can look like a cowboy hat.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We have a cowboy hat.

Scout seems happier about it than me.

The thrill is wearing off.

I don't like it.

This is as good as it gets and Mama is even holding on to me.  See, that's her hand.

I don't care if there are treats involved.


Get it off of me!

I may be a Texan, but I don't do cowboy hats.
Okay, one more, but that is it.
 Check out Mama's review of Twin Peaks.  It's a restaurant with "scenic views".  BOL! 

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Want To Be A Cowboy After All

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Took It On The Chin

Yesterday, we were headed out for a walk.  Normally, Mama takes me and Dad takes Scout.  Yesterday, Mama took Scout and they went out the door first.  Dad went out and then me.  I did something wrong because I ended up on my chin! Yep, my chin ended up on the concrete!   Mama said "Joey, what did you do?"  I don't know what I did, but I kept licking my teeth to make sure they were all there.  I was kind of stunned.  Mama came over to check me out.  Scout came over after about a minute and checked me out, too.  Scout deemed me to be fine and called me a goober.   Mama gave me a big hug which embarrassed me.  I was ready to begin our walk then.  Mama still had to check out my mouth and my chin and she found nothing wrong, so we went on our walk.  I was lucky that I didn't get hurt according to Mama.  Dad said it looks like we need a bed at the bottom of our steps so that I have a soft landing.  He is so funny, NOT!   If he put a bed at the bottom on the steps, Scout would never leave the driveway.

We are loving our shades.  Today is the first day that we have had sun since we had them installed.  It is about 65 outside, but if we didn't have the shades, the windshield would be hot.  It is not even warm, so far.

The Greyhound Who Fell On His Chin!

Friday, March 22, 2013

We Have Shades!

The screen/shade man showed up at 10:30 a.m. even though he said he wasn't coming today.  Mama was not totally surprised because the weather forecast for the rest of the weekend looks bad for him to work here.   Today, it was supposed to rain and then the forecast changed, so we guess that is why he showed up.  Mama didn't ask questions.

We were a little nervous with him here because he had to put snaps on the outside of the motor home and that was loud.  It didn't last long and then he put the shade across the windshield.  Mama said "ooooh and ahhhh".  BOL!

This is our greyhound wind spinner.  A man today stopped by to say he really liked it.

This is a before photo without the shades. See the spinner in the tree.  Our greyhound flag is next to the tree.
Us enjoying our motor home.  Okay, back to the topic of this post.

The screen man at work.
The screen on our door.  It already has a screen, but now it has a second one.

Before the shade.

After the shade.  See, we can still see out.

We have shades on our tires to protect them from the sun.

This is the shade on our door.

The front of the motor home.  People can't see in!  Mama loves that.

Another view of the shade on the driver's side window.
Mama is a very happy camper tonight.  The shades will keep us cooler and the privacy factor is HUGE for Mama.  People would walk by and would look right in our windshield and that bothered Mama.  We can stick our tongues out at them and they won't even know.  BOL!

The screen guy picked up three more jobs because of us.  He told us he had to work on other jobs next week, so it could be a while before they get theirs, if at all.

The Greyhound Who Thinks The Shades Are Cool!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Screen Man, Where Are You?

The screen man said he would be here either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Yesterday, he said he would come by either Friday or Saturday.  We were surprised when he stopped by yesterday afternoon.  He said he was just checking out the park. We think he was trying to get more business, which is fine.  He said he would come by on Friday.  Mama asked him if he were would be here in the morning or afternoon.  He finally decided he would be here at 9 a.m.  This morning, he emailed Dad and said "Not Friday it 6-7 hour job"   What does that mean?  Does that mean he is coming by on Saturday?  His communication skills are terrible.  He refuses to talk on the phone and only uses email.  It is like pulling teeth to get any information out of him.  Dad said he is not even going to respond to him this time.  Mama is tired of him, too.  I guess if he wants the work, he will show up.  Mama said it is supposed to rain in the morning tomorrow, so maybe that is why he is saying not Friday. It will kill our Saturday, if he decides to show up then, but at least it will get done and Dad can supervise.  We may leave Houston without having it done and that makes us sad. 

There is not much going on here.  Mama ordered our forwarded mail to be sent to us. It probably will arrive on Saturday or Monday.  She wanted to make sure it arrived while we are still here.  We are hoping our Texas titles for the motor home and car are in this shipment.  Her driver's license will probably not be in this shipment since it takes 30-45 days to get the license. She has a temporary one. We will have to have our mail forwarded to a post office in Denver once we get settled there.   We will probably only have it sent once a month from now on.  We really don't receive much mail these days.

We had storms that woke us up Wednesday morning.  After the rained stopped, I convinced Mama to take me out at 4 a.m.  Dad couldn't sleep so he walked with us. Dad said we won't be able to take late night/early morning walks in Denver. They have bears!  Well, we are not sure that the state park we are staying at has bears, but some Colorado state parks have bears or at least that is what the website says.  It also says they have mountain lions. I like cats, but Dad said I can't tease those.  Yikes!  Where are the folks taking us to that we have to worry about the wildlife?  I think they are taking this adventure thing a little too far.

The Greyhound Who Is Thinks Denver Sounds Wild

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All Is Quiet

Six of our neighbors have moved out and one new one has moved in.  The people who have been next to use for two months moved to a lake site this morning.  There is no one on either side of us or in front of us.

The people who are going to install our screens are supposed to be here today.  Mama has her doubts.  We hope they show up.

You may have noticed that we now have some Amazon banners on our site.  Mama orders from them all the time and decided to become an affiliate.  They reviewed our blog and accepted us!  If you are placing an order with them anyway, please come to our site and click on the search link to find your item. It is on the sidebar. Mama says any money that is made will go to us!  Mama is going to keep the one link updated with her favorite things. Remember when Mama organized all her photos?  Well, she ordered the organizer from Amazon.  She has it listed in the "I Recommend" widget which is also on the sidebar.  We won't "hound" you about buying things, but if Mama buys something she really likes, she will list it on the sidebar and maybe that will wet your appetite.  BOL!

Our camera and computer are not cooperating with each other today, so here are a few photos from last year.  This is when we were in Naples, FL.

 It was really pretty there, but a little bit too ritzy for us.  One person here thinks we are "showdogs".  I thought Mama was going to fall over laughing.

I think Mama was thinking of this when she thought it was funny that we were called "showdogs".
Mama has updated her restaurant blog with a few more reviews.  Smashburger is one of her favorite places.

The Greyhound Who Is Gearing Up For Denver

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