Monday, March 11, 2013

Mama Is a Texan, But Dad Is Not

If Mama is a Texan but Dad it not, what does that make us?  BOL!  Today, Mama turned in her Missouri's driver's license for a Texas one.  She also put the Texas license plates on the Jeep. It is a little sad seeing the Missouri ones inside the motor home.  Mama said that it will be interesting to see if Texas drivers are nice to her if she needs to get into a lane at the last minute now.  They seemed to be nice when she had her Missouri plates on the Jeep, but now she is one of them.  BOL!

Dad will get his driver's license switched when he gets home from Denver. He had to wait until we had the Jeep registered and titled in Texas before he could do it and he wanted to wait to do that until we had the new motor home. We thought we would have to register the new motor home ourselves, but the dealership did that for us, so we just had to do the Jeep.

Mama has been stressed about getting everything switched over to Texas since before we left home.  She heard stories of lines wrapped around the license office. She chose to drive to a "mega center" that is 25 miles from here because she heard the lines were much shorter.  Her GPS quit working on the way there though and she thought she would have turn around and come home.  She was able to get it working and she continued.  She knew she needed her birth certificate, passport card, driver's license, car and motor home registrations, insurance on car, social security card and a bank statement with our current address.  She did not realize she needed the insurance card on the motor home.  They told her if she could get it and come back within two hours, then she would not have to wait in line again.  She rushed home, but remembered the cards were in her email, so she stopped at two libraries to see if she could print it off there.  The libraries were closed, so she continued home.  She rushed in and out so fast.  We were not happy.  She made it back to the license place within one and half hours.  She took her vision test and passed.  She always worries about that because she has a lazy eye that doesn't like to cooperate during eye tests.  The lady was very nice though and told her to take her time.  The lady then told Mama she was now a Texan and gave her a temporary license.  YAHOO!  Mama was very excited and we all did the happy dance when she got home.

Our latest box of Bully Sticks arrived today.  We were out and we were driving Mama crazy at night.  Sorry Mama. Dad told Mama she better stock up before we leave for Denver because it will be harder getting mail there than here.  He told her to order us another box. 

 Remember Goldie?

Our Goldie on our last day with her.

Believe it or not, this is our Goldie.  She is now silver.  Isn't she pretty?
Goldie is all painted and looks beautiful!  She is getting hardwood floors.  I hope we are able to view pictures of her before she is sold.  She was a good rig for us.

The Greyhound Who Thinks He Is More Than Half Texan Since He Spends Most Of His Time With Mama

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