Friday, March 8, 2013

The Bed Remains

We were a little nervous that Dad might see the empty bed on our blog yesterday, but he is very busy at work right now. We are probably safe until he gets home.  Last night, I was in the bed and Scout really wanted it.  She kept crying to Mama.  Mama said she would have to wait her turn.  Scout has been in it since we returned from our 6 a.m. walk.

 I am keeping the dinette bed warm.  All is well in our home this morning.

Mama ordered a knitting loom project book last month from Amazon.  The delivery time is from February 25th until March 12th. It has not arrived and there is no tracking available.  She checks with the office every day.  She finally decided to check out YouTube for some patterns.  She found one yesterday that she liked.

It is a potholder. Dad said "How many potholders do you need?"   Well, I bet she needs a few more because she likes this project and she has a lot of yarn.  BOL!  

We finally figured out our mystery neighbors.  Well, we don't know their connection to each other, but they are working at the rodeo.  They have a parking pass in their car.

Remember the really nice neighbors that brought Mama the Subway sandwich when we moved here?  They left on Sunday.  Mama was really sad to see them leave.  They are headed further south. They said they drove by our place and noticed we had a new motor home.  The man said "You really stepped up in the world!"  Tuesday afternoon, we had our door open and we heard someone say "Hello, hello?" We went to the door and it was a couple from Houston, MO.  They wanted to know what part of Missouri we call home. They talked for a while and said they noticed we had upgraded our motor home.  They are here for medical reasons.  The man said he just found out he is CANCER-FREE!   Mama congratulated him.  Mama was sad to see our old friends leave, but then we made new friends. That is the way it is in our life now.  There are a lot of goodbyes and nice to meet yous going on. 

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