Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All Is Quiet

Six of our neighbors have moved out and one new one has moved in.  The people who have been next to use for two months moved to a lake site this morning.  There is no one on either side of us or in front of us.

The people who are going to install our screens are supposed to be here today.  Mama has her doubts.  We hope they show up.

You may have noticed that we now have some Amazon banners on our site.  Mama orders from them all the time and decided to become an affiliate.  They reviewed our blog and accepted us!  If you are placing an order with them anyway, please come to our site and click on the search link to find your item. It is on the sidebar. Mama says any money that is made will go to us!  Mama is going to keep the one link updated with her favorite things. Remember when Mama organized all her photos?  Well, she ordered the organizer from Amazon.  She has it listed in the "I Recommend" widget which is also on the sidebar.  We won't "hound" you about buying things, but if Mama buys something she really likes, she will list it on the sidebar and maybe that will wet your appetite.  BOL!

Our camera and computer are not cooperating with each other today, so here are a few photos from last year.  This is when we were in Naples, FL.

 It was really pretty there, but a little bit too ritzy for us.  One person here thinks we are "showdogs".  I thought Mama was going to fall over laughing.

I think Mama was thinking of this when she thought it was funny that we were called "showdogs".
Mama has updated her restaurant blog with a few more reviews.  Smashburger is one of her favorite places.

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