Friday, March 15, 2013

Guess Who Comes Home Tonight?

Yep, Dad comes home tonight, but it will be late. His flight is supposed to get in at 9 p.m. but he could be delayed. His flight goes from Denver to Minneapolis and then to Houston. Isn't that nuts?   His flight going to Denver went from Houston to Atlanta and then to Denver. He said the direct flights were too much money for his budget.

Yesterday, we had a visitor. We had to clean, of course. The visitor was a repairman. Last week, Mama found out that our refrigerator had a recall on it. She was very nervous because without the recall being handled, our refrigerator could catch on FIRE.  She called the company that issued the recall and they told her that ours had not been fixed.  Mama explained that we needed someone to come to us and they tried to find someone, but no one wanted to come. She spent two hours on the phone and used all her minutes and no one would help us.  All the repairmen said 'NO'.  Mama cried.  She then called the refrigerator company back and told them that no one would come here.  They said they would keep trying.  She then emailed the place we bought the motor home from and she said they would handle it for us since it should have been handled before we bought it.  Mama was still nervous.  She unplugged the refrigerator whenever she left us alone.  Ten days later and all is well!  The refrigerator has the new heat shield on it and if the refrigerator gets too hot, it will turn off before a fire starts or at least that is what we were told.  Basically, we were told that repairmen don't like doing recall work because it takes a long time to get paid.  All I know is that they made my Mama cry and she is not a big crier.

A couple people asked if the bed was empty when Scout was doing this.

No, it was not.
I look thrilled, don't you think?  Yes, protecting this bed is exhausting work.

 Mama forgot to add a few things to what she loves about the motor home.

13) Digital TVs - converter boxes are no longer needed.

14) Automatic awning - She thinks she is going to love this feature. She hasn't used it yet since there is shade on the side of the motor home with the awning.

You know what Mama would really love? A keyboard that doesn't stick.  I think it is from her eating while using the laptop.  I say that because there are crumbs under some of the keys. 

The Greyhound Who Will Be A Really Happy Greyhound When His Dad Comes Home Tonight!

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