Friday, March 22, 2013

We Have Shades!

The screen/shade man showed up at 10:30 a.m. even though he said he wasn't coming today.  Mama was not totally surprised because the weather forecast for the rest of the weekend looks bad for him to work here.   Today, it was supposed to rain and then the forecast changed, so we guess that is why he showed up.  Mama didn't ask questions.

We were a little nervous with him here because he had to put snaps on the outside of the motor home and that was loud.  It didn't last long and then he put the shade across the windshield.  Mama said "ooooh and ahhhh".  BOL!

This is our greyhound wind spinner.  A man today stopped by to say he really liked it.

This is a before photo without the shades. See the spinner in the tree.  Our greyhound flag is next to the tree.
Us enjoying our motor home.  Okay, back to the topic of this post.

The screen man at work.
The screen on our door.  It already has a screen, but now it has a second one.

Before the shade.

After the shade.  See, we can still see out.

We have shades on our tires to protect them from the sun.

This is the shade on our door.

The front of the motor home.  People can't see in!  Mama loves that.

Another view of the shade on the driver's side window.
Mama is a very happy camper tonight.  The shades will keep us cooler and the privacy factor is HUGE for Mama.  People would walk by and would look right in our windshield and that bothered Mama.  We can stick our tongues out at them and they won't even know.  BOL!

The screen guy picked up three more jobs because of us.  He told us he had to work on other jobs next week, so it could be a while before they get theirs, if at all.

The Greyhound Who Thinks The Shades Are Cool!

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