Monday, March 18, 2013

Rodeo Is Over!

The rodeo ended last night.  Mama never did go.  It was too crowded for her.  Last night, there were 80,000 people there.  People parked far away and paid $20 to do so.  It was crazy.  The folks could have taken a shuttle from here for $15 a person, but Mama was worried that they might have trouble catching the shuttle to come home.  Dad says there will be a rodeo in Colorado, so maybe they will go then. 

We are expecting a lot of people to leave our resort today since the rodeo is over. Many of the people worked at the rodeo, so they are moving on to other work.  It looks like a few of our neighbors are packing up now.

We had a nice family weekend.  Dad wanted to learn more about our new home, so the folks stayed home except for just a few hours. Dad learned about the engine and things like that.  This rig is a diesel and he has never had one before. There is a lot to learn. We will all feel better after we get to Denver because then we will have our first trip under our belts in this motor home.  Dad says it is much easier to drive than the old one.

Today, it is going to be 90 degrees here.  We are going to stay in as much as possible.  Well, Scout is going to stay in for sure.  Mama and I will venture out later today.

Scout and Dad on the couch.

I like this couch!

I was sleeping until Mama started taking pictures of me.
 The folks decided to eat at a restaurant that just opened here.  They had to sit in rodeo traffic to get there.  Mama can't remember the name, but it is _____American Restaurant.  The _____is a family name that is not American.  BOL   It used to be a New Orleans themed restaurant.  The place was basically empty.
Water feature.

Mama decided to order a ribeye.  Dad told her it wouldn't be very good for $10.95.  She had a choice of a 6 oz for $7.95 or a 12 oz for $10.95.  She choice the 12 oz. 

This is the 12 oz ribeye.  It is two 6 oz steaks.  BOL!   They put gravy on top with mushrooms.  There are mashed potatoes under it.  In the background is a potato pattie that Dad ordered.

This is a fish and shrimp meal that Dad ordered.  He said it was really good.

Mama said the food was good.  She probably wouldn't go back even if we were staying longer just because there are better places.  The prices were very good though.

We survived the weekend without our bed on the floor.  Last night, Mama put the bed back on the floor.  Scout took it immediately.  I slept in for a while this morning, but now we are both on couches, so Mama moved it from the floor.  She said she will put in on the floor at night for us.  

The Greyhound Who Is Happy The Rodeo Is Over

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