Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Still Holding Onto The Bed

Scout and I have been able to hold onto the remaining bed so far. We are taking turns occupying it.  The only time it is vacant is when we are on walks. This plan seems to be working for us.

Scout is in the bed, so I'm on the dinette bed.

See, Scout is in the bed.

Scout taking a break on the couch.

Me holding down the bed.

Scout's turn.

Holding down that bed is exhausting.  I needed a break.

Dad commented that Scout looked pretty comfy here.  We thought the bed might get thrown out, but so far so good.

Dad is in Denver until the 15th. We are doing fine, but a little bored. We think we can relax about the bed issue while Dad is away.  Mama is pretty soft. 

We are going to stay in state parks while we are in Denver for the first month.  They only allow you to stay 14 days at each park and I think you have to wait 45 days before you can come back.  They also charge an entrance fee each day, but we are going to buy a $70 pass that is good for a year. It is cheaper to buy the pass than pay the fee each day.  It will not cost us anymore than it costs us to stay here.  We may have to stay at a private park if we are there for more than a month.  We are excited to be staying in state parks again.  We will have more room and there will be trails to hike!  Mama doesn't have to worry about finding a laundromat since she has her own machine. Life is good!

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