Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mama Loves Our New Home

Mama  has been wanting me to write about what she loves about our new home. There isn't much that she doesn't love, so maybe we should start there.  The kitchen sink is big on one side and small on the other.  She doesn't like that.  The sink is deep though and she likes that part of it.

Mama can't figure out what you do with the small side - rinse maybe?

She is not sure she likes the wood floors.  We have bought rugs to cover them because: 1) I took a tumble the first day and 2) Mama says the wood floors are cold.
We have two of these in the kitchen and one in the bedroom.  We have a matching rug that is 5x7 in the living room.  Mama loves the colors, but they show a lot of hair and lint.  Since the place is basically just beige, she wanted color.
 Okay, so what does she like?

1) She loves the shower. The water heater is larger so she can take long showers. She used to have to get wet, turn the water off and soap up and then turn the water on to rinse.  Mama said she would freeze while the water was off.  Her showers were short, but now Mama says she can take a long, hot shower and loves it. She noticed that Dad was running late in the mornings since we moved in here and she asked him why.  He said it was because he could take a normal shower.  Yes, he likes the shower, too.  There is a light in the shower which is different.  The shower head has several settings and that is nice.

Dispenser in the bathroom that the folks installed to hold Mama's shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

2) She really likes the microwave/convection oven, but she is surprised by the amount of heat that it produces.  She prefers it to using the propane oven.  The downside is that if you use the convection oven and then want to use the microwave, you have to allow the oven to cool off first.  It is an all in one appliance.

3) She loves her washer/dryer. It is true that the loads have to be small, but it hasn't been a problem yet. It takes about two to three hours to wash and dry a load, but it does it automatically.  The spinning does vibrate the place and Scout hates that, but it only lasts a few seconds.  Mama says it is so nice to have her own machine again.

4)  The kitchen - the kitchen counter is beautiful and has more space than the old place.  She can cook the way she wants to again.

5) We have a four door refrigerator, so we can buy a lot of food.  It has an ice maker.

6) The bedroom is bigger and the bed is really comfy.  Scout knows about the bed.   I like the bed because there is a raised floor by the bed and I can walk up the step and check on Dad when he is sleeping.  I can stand over him.  BOL!

7) The bathroom has two medicine cabinets, so there is a his and hers.  Mama loves having her own space.  She can keep everything in there and doesn't have to go back and forth between the bathroom and bedroom to get things such as her make-up.

8) The furniture is so comfortable.  Mama always sighs when she sits on Dad's sofa.  Yes, they have his and hers. BOL!

9) The windows are darken so it keeps the sun out and prying eyes from seeing us.  BOL!  The only downside is that it does get pretty dark in here on a cloudy day.

10)  The lighting fixtures are pretty. We even have aisle lights.  They are near the floor and we put them on at night so that we can see where we are walking.  It is really nice in the bedroom so that Dad doesn't trip on that step he has to go up to get in his side of the bed.

See the light on the step.  These are the steps that lead up to Dad's side of the bed.   Why are there steps?  It must have something to do with a diesel engine because they all had this.

11) We have a keyless entry.  Mama just clicks a button to lock up the place and a button to unlock it. There is also buttons to lock and unlock the cargo areas (areas on the outside that hold the BBQ chair, lawn chairs, etc.)

12) We now have 50 amp service over 30 amp service. This means that the coffee maker, hair dryer and space heater can all be on at the same time.  We used to have choose which one we wanted to use.  Mama was really tickled the first time that she was able to iron and run the air conditioner at the same time. It's those little things that you take from granted when you leave in a house, but when you are camping you have to make choices.  She has tripped a breaker in this one, but I think she was running the coffee maker, microwave, electric skillet and space heater. It was one too many things.

Mama has purchased a few things that she loves.

She found this at Hobby Lobby.  It looks like it has liquid in the glass.  We have it "glued" to the counter.  We use a special adhesive that keeps all our breakables in place while we are going down the road.  It can be moved it we want to move it though.  Mama liked the pink color.

What is this?

It is a strainer.  It doesn't take up much space when it is collapsed.

And this?

It is a dish drainer.  It goes in the cabinet when not in use.

This is a Memory Foam Rug from Kohl's.  Mama says it feels good on her feet.  It is in the bathroom.
Croft & Barrow Quick Dry Towel
Mama found the towels at Kohl's.  They are thin which is what Dad prefers over bulky ones.  Mama says they really absorb water nicely.  The color is actually a lighter color, but showed up dark here.

Next week, we are going to have some screens installed on the outside of our rig.  It will cover our windshield as well as our tires.  People will not be able to see in, but we can see them.  BOL!  It will help block out the sun which is a big issue.  We have drapes, but the sun still heats up the place through the windshield. The tires will be covered to protect them from the sun when we are parked. Several of the motor homes that the folks looked at had that feature, but this one did not, so they are having it installed.

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