Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day

Mama tried to take some photos of us with our St. Pat's Day collars, but we didn't cooperate.  She envisioned a nice close up of us smiling.  This is what she got:

It's a hot day here. Tomorrow will be close to 90.  Scout says she is not going out unless it is necessary.  Scout is not happy when it is over 65.

Mama has been wanting to buy a toaster.  She kept saying that she wanted a black one to match the coffeemaker and the blender.  She came home today with this:

Yep, it is purple!  BOL!  Mama said she decided to throw tradition out the window and be a little crazy.    She said she laughed when she realized she was wearing a purple shirt today.  The people at the store probably think she is a purple nut!   She asked Dad how he feels about a purple toaster.  He laughed and said if it makes you happy, then it's fine.  BOL!  We tested it out with some cinnamon toast and it works great.   We are going to get some frozen waffles to try next weekend.  It defrosts, so it should work great for that.

The Greyhound Whose Mama Gets A Little Wild At Times

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