Friday, March 1, 2013

An Ugly Rumor

There is an ugly rumor going around our new home. We have heard that our wonderful new beds may end up in the Jeep!  One of the beds has already been sentenced to a life in the Jeep. While it makes riding in the Jeep really comfy, it does nothing for our daily life.  Scout and I decided to take matters into our own paws.

Just try to take this bed away from us.

Scout:  "I am not sure I like this arrangement, Joey."

Joey:  "Shhh....Mama is still watching."

Joey:  "You are right this is not very comfortable."  
Scout:  "Yeah, this is not a good solution."
If they take our bed away, where will we sleep?

I just really don't understand what our folks are thinking.

The Greyhound Who Is Not Happy About Loosing His Bed

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