Friday, March 29, 2013

Leaving Houston Tomorrow

We are leaving Houston tomorrow.  We have been here for four months!  We have accomplished several things.

  • We sold our house.
  • We bought our new motor home.
  • We became Texans. Dad became one this week, so now we are official.
  • We bought shades for our motor home.  I am not sure if that one really counts, but Mama says it does.
 We are actually sad to leave Houston this time.  Mama couldn't get out of here fast enough last time, but this time we are staying in a different part of town and Mama likes it.  She loves shopping in Missouri City, TX.  She found a little bitty Mexican drive thru restaurant, Tornado Taco, that she loves.  She only ate there twice, but the last time she had their potato and steak burrito and said it was the best fast food burrito she has ever had.  It had potatoes, steak, pico de gallo and queso.  It sounded good, but we wouldn't know because she ate the whole thing before she got home.

A funny thing happened the other night. Mama ordered a meat lovers pizza with black olives and mushrooms and Quepapas from Pizza Hut.  Quepapas are like tator tots with jalapenos in them.  She ordered online.  She received a phone call from them and she couldn't understand what the man was saying.  He was speaking Spanish. Mama took her first Spanish class that day, but nothing she learned sounded like what he was saying.  BOL!  She thought he was saying no delivery, but she finally figured out he was saying no quepapas today.  She somehow figured out that he was asking her to order something else. She told him the chocolate dessert.  She didn't know for sure what she was going to get.  The delivery driver ended up getting lost.  He finally arrived and Mama was delighted to see the chocolate dessert was correct. She was not happy to see that her pizza ended up just being black olives and mushrooms.  BOL!

Since we are now Texans, this hangs in our home.
Dad has to work very late tonight.  We are not happy about that.  Mama is already putting things away.  Our flag and spinner are stored.  This will be the first time that she has had to store things away in this motor home for a road trip, so she has to figure out where things should go. We don't want things falling all over the place while we are going down the road. Our shades are off the windows and stored.  We plan to leave by 7 a.m. tomorrow, if all goes as planned.  We will spend the night in Oklahoma City at a campground where the manager called us "One Of Those People" when Mama gave her our address.  BOL!  She is referring to the address that people are given when they use the mail service we use. The street address is well known in the camping world because when we give it, people always know we are full-timers.

Oh, we found out our next destination yesterday which means we will only be in Denver for a month.  We hoped to stay longer.  We will give you one hint and that is that it is not Egypt.  BOL!  Yes, Dad was asked if he wanted to go there.  He was able to say no without any issues since he only works in North America.

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