Saturday, March 30, 2013

We Are In Oklahoma!

We arrived in Oklahoma around the time we expected even though we left 45 minutes late and our stops were longer than we planned.  We had a few stressful moments.  We couldn't get our stabilizing jacks to come up when we were leaving our campground.  It turns out it was operator error.  That is all we will say about that.  BOL!  Then, our alarm kept going off telling us that the braking system on the Jeep was not working correctly. It turns out that it was just a bad connection.  Dad was upset with the back up camera until he realized it was on nighttime mode instead of daytime. He didn't realize that until the end of the day.  We are still learning about this motor home compared to our other one.  We have been nervous about this trip because we knew we needed to really drive it to learn some things.  Hopefully, we won't learn as much tomorrow.  BOL!  
Scout relaxing on our trip.

Mama moved my bed to the front with her.  I am a happy guy.
Oklahoma scenery

Another view in Oklahoma
Our campground is nice.  They make pizza and chicken wings here.  Mama was happy not to have to fix dinner tonight.

We walked around the campground tonight, but we kept getting stopped by people wanting to meet us.

Scout was a big hit.  I just wanted to explore.  We didn't get to see the entire place because it got dark.
The office, store and restaurant.

The lake?

Not sure this is what it is supposed to look like.  Lots of  red clay here.

Picnic area

Dog run

There is so much to sniff here.
Tomorrow will be another long day of driving.  We will spend the night in Goodland, KS.

The Greyhound Who Is Headed To Bed Early Tonight

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