Thursday, March 21, 2013

Screen Man, Where Are You?

The screen man said he would be here either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Yesterday, he said he would come by either Friday or Saturday.  We were surprised when he stopped by yesterday afternoon.  He said he was just checking out the park. We think he was trying to get more business, which is fine.  He said he would come by on Friday.  Mama asked him if he were would be here in the morning or afternoon.  He finally decided he would be here at 9 a.m.  This morning, he emailed Dad and said "Not Friday it 6-7 hour job"   What does that mean?  Does that mean he is coming by on Saturday?  His communication skills are terrible.  He refuses to talk on the phone and only uses email.  It is like pulling teeth to get any information out of him.  Dad said he is not even going to respond to him this time.  Mama is tired of him, too.  I guess if he wants the work, he will show up.  Mama said it is supposed to rain in the morning tomorrow, so maybe that is why he is saying not Friday. It will kill our Saturday, if he decides to show up then, but at least it will get done and Dad can supervise.  We may leave Houston without having it done and that makes us sad. 

There is not much going on here.  Mama ordered our forwarded mail to be sent to us. It probably will arrive on Saturday or Monday.  She wanted to make sure it arrived while we are still here.  We are hoping our Texas titles for the motor home and car are in this shipment.  Her driver's license will probably not be in this shipment since it takes 30-45 days to get the license. She has a temporary one. We will have to have our mail forwarded to a post office in Denver once we get settled there.   We will probably only have it sent once a month from now on.  We really don't receive much mail these days.

We had storms that woke us up Wednesday morning.  After the rained stopped, I convinced Mama to take me out at 4 a.m.  Dad couldn't sleep so he walked with us. Dad said we won't be able to take late night/early morning walks in Denver. They have bears!  Well, we are not sure that the state park we are staying at has bears, but some Colorado state parks have bears or at least that is what the website says.  It also says they have mountain lions. I like cats, but Dad said I can't tease those.  Yikes!  Where are the folks taking us to that we have to worry about the wildlife?  I think they are taking this adventure thing a little too far.

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