Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surgery Is Over!

The vet called and said the surgery is over and Joey is awake and doing fine. It's been a really hard week, but I feel so much better that the surgery part of it is over. We are now ready to move on to step 3. Step 1 was getting him ready for the surgery with medications, limited walking and ice packs. Step 2 was the surgery. Step 3 is the healing process.

He should be home in about a week.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Mom to Scout and Joey

Today Is Joey's Surgery

Today is the day we have been dreading. Joey has surgery today. It's going to be a very long day for us. His surgery is not scheduled until 1 p.m.

We have only had him for five weeks, but we are so attached to him. Scout has been looking for him and whining.

We will update you when we hear something, but we were told it would be late in the day before we hear anything. :::sigh:::

Mama to Scout and Joey

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Fun Day

Today, we are having a family fun day since Joey is leaving for the hospital tomorrow.

Here we are resting this morning.

No, Joey is not on drugs yet. He just looks that way.

After breakfast, Joey played. He's probably not supposed to play this much, but Mama let him since he's not going to be able to play for quite a while. Mama made a video of Joey playing. I hope it works for you.

We then drove past our old house. I got excited thinking we were moving back, but we just drove by. We then went to the state park that Jack loved so much. Joey thought it was pretty neat. We met the camp host who thought we were just the sweetest things.

We stopped for lunch on the way home. I had a few fries and Joey didn't have any. He was too busy looking out the window. The boy likes to look out windows.

I'm going to miss him. I've actually slept in his room with him a few nights. He's in a crate and I sleep outside of the crate. Yes, he can be quite a pain, but I do like him a little....sometimes.

The Greyhound Who Is Going To Miss Her Little Brother

Friday, August 26, 2011

Surgery Is Scheduled

It's me.... Joey!

My surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon. I have to go to the hospital on Monday though to get an IV with medicine. The vet is hoping that it will knock out any remaining infection. I am not exactly sure when I will be coming home, but it may be a week after the surgery. They want to give me as much time as possible to heal before I head home. I will have to use a sling to walk once I get home and I will have to be crated unless I'm doing my "business". :::sigh::: I dread that part of it. I have just started feeling good recently and it will be sad not to feel good. I know though that once I get through this, life will be good. I will show Scout what a real racing greyhound looks like when we run in the yard.

I think Daddy is going to take me to the vet on Monday because Mama said she will be too sad to take me and she doesn't want to cry in front of everyone. She said she will be there with Daddy when it comes time to pick me up though.

I have a question for all of you. I get to take a blanket and a stuffy with me. Should I let Mama use my blanket for a few nights to get her smell on it or would it be better if it just had my smell on it? I'm not sure which way would make me feel the best.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Grandma came over today with treats for us. She said she wanted to make sure I got my fair share before I went into the hospital. She knows how Scout is with treats. She bought them at Trader Joe's and they are so good!

Scout said she will let everyone know how I am doing. Surgery is not until Wednesday afternoon, so there will be an update after that for sure.

The Greyhound Who Is Going To Flirt With All The Girls At The Hospital

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Electric Poles

Yesterday, we watched a truck unload more electric poles in our side yard. Mama thought they would take them down the hill, but now we think they may be putting them in our side yard. This is the view this morning. Mama is concerned about them drilling the holes there because there are gas lines all around that area. We live next to a propane refinery. I have to go to the vet later today for an X-ray and if they are drilling, Mama said Scout will go with us. She doesn't want to leave Scout in the house in case they hit a gas line. We are not scared about an explosion, but just not being allowed back in the area while they fix it. Yes, Mama is a huge worrier, but she feels better if she has a plan. Hopefully, they will not even drill in that area.

UPDATE: They are drilling near the gas lines. We are going to have poles almost in our front yard. That can't be good for resale value.

Yesterday, was my official one month anniversary of living here. I moved in on July 23rd. The mail person brought us a box of treats. Yummy!

Scout and I had homemade frosty treats.

Scout seems happy today, don't you think?

I think she has fallen under the spell of my charm. LOL

The Greyhound Who Knows How To Win Over The Ladies

Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy, Busy

Joey here reporting on the latest happenings.

Saturday, Mama and Scout went to a meet and greet as you know. I stayed home with Daddy. We just napped and watched TV. Yesterday, Daddy said let's go to DQ. I didn't know what DQ was, but I like doing new things. I was excited because the car went in a direction that I have never gone. I had a lot of fun looking at the scenery. The lady at the window asked if we could have cones. Mama thought they would have ice cream in them, but they were just cones. Scout didn't even like them.

Today, I had go to the doctor. He looked at my foot. It was decided that I will check-in to the hospital a few days before my surgery and get some IVs to hopefully clear up my infection. I will have to stay in the hospital for about a week after my surgery. I think I will have to be there 7-10 days. Mama said she is really going to miss me, but I need to have this done so that I can run and play and not be in pain.

After we left the vet's office, we stopped by Daddy's work. He forgot Tom Tom and he's going on a business trip, so he needed it. It was fun seeing Daddy's workplace.

When we got home, Scout really checked me over. She checked me over more than the vet did. She wasn't jealous when she found out I had been to the vet.

Scout is complaining that the house is a mess with toys all over the place. I like playing and I think I'm giving Mama exercise because she is always moving the toys back into my room.

Today, I decided I wanted the fan that's in my room brought into the living room.

I didn't think Mama would notice, but she did.

Do you think they will let me take a toy to the hospital? I guess I need to find out.

The Greyhound Who Is Tired Tonight

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meeting and Greeting

Mama surprised me yesterday by asking if I wanted to go to a meet and greet. She said we could take back Joey's belly bands to the group since he doesn't need them. I, of course, said YES!.

I had to get ready for my big day out. I got my nails done and my teeth brushed. Mama used a doggy wipe on me that makes me fell so soft. I didn't want to disappoint any of the people by not being the softest I could be.

Joey was quite disappointed that he didn't get to go even though he got the "spa" treatment too. Mama said it was a girls day out and Joey wouldn't want to do anything but stand and he can't do that with his foot. Mama and I stopped at the bank first to deposit her check and get some money for lunch. Bunny, I hate to tell you this, but we got FRENCH FRIES!

There were lots of people who petted me at the meet and greet. Mama said I was good because I didn't want to go until about 15 minutes before it ended. I looked deep into her eyes and let her know that I was ready and if we didn't leave I would start in with my whining which turns into a bark. I knew she didn't want me to do that because that might make the other greys bark and then we would look like crazy dogs instead of the dignified dogs that we really are. Yes, I know how to work Mama.

It was a nice day out. I gave Joey the biscuit that the bank lady gave me and I ate the good treat that Aunt Donna gave me at the meet and greet. Joey thought he got the better end of the deal, but I know that I did.

The Greyhound Who Likes Girls Day Out

Friday, August 19, 2011

Four Weeks Tomorrow

It will be four weeks tomorrow that I became part of a family. I have to say that I am having the time of my life! I never knew there was life outside of my kennel. I raced for a year, but then I sat around a year due to my career ending injury.

Scout and I have been having more fun this week. She's been hanging around me more. She tried to play with me again this morning outside and if I wasn't on the leash, I would have played. I wish I didn't have to be on a leash, but I'm not allowed to run due to my injury. I go to the doctor on Monday and then they will tell me if I'm ready for my surgery.

Mama took some pictures of me today because she wants to add them to her wall in the office. I guess that means that I'm a "keeper". She has a lot of pictures of Jack and Scout and now I'm going to be added!

When Mama says "Burp" I do this:

This is my shy or maybe it's what are you doing look:

This is my "I need a nap" look:

Mama says we will take more photos later. She says I'm cuter in person than in pictures. I have a fun personality.

What could be better than having a family? There's nothing better! Mama gives me kisses and belly rubs and tells me she loves me. She gives me treats and my medicine (blah). She brushes my teeth and takes me outside and tells me I'm such a good boy. She even said WOO HOO when I did my business at the campground. Daddy and Scout were embarrassed by her enthusiasm. Daddy gives me the best ear rubs. I love when he comes home from work. Yep, there is nothing better than having a family!

The Greyhound Who LOVES Having A Family

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Joey Is Talented

Mama said she made a mistake by giving Joey the peanut butter jar. Why?

Shortly after he played with the peanut butter jar, Mama caught him with a glass of milk. Mama had her glass of milk on the end table. It was in a tall Tupperware glass. He took it off the end table while Mama was out of the room and sat down on the floor and started drinking out of it. He never spilled a drop. Mama didn't yell at him because she was shocked. However, he did get in trouble later in the night when he tried to steal a glass of iced tea.

We've been having a little more fun together since we got home from camping. The other day, Mama called the vet's office and while she was talking to the receptionist, Joey and I started running through the house. It was so much fun that I started barking. It's all about timing. If you know your Mama can't get to you fast, you can get away with a few things. Joey is not supposed to run at all, but he breaks out into a run in the house from time to time and Mama has to catch him. It's pretty funny to watch.

The Greyhound Whose Brother Can Be Entertaining

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Changes While We Were Gone

Remember a while back that we reported to you on those poles going up across the road from our house?
We thought maybe they were running electric for a new pole barn or something like that.

We were wrong. They are running lines right next to our house. This is how our yard looked when we left on Friday.

This is how it looked when we got home on Monday.

They didn't touch our actual property but they came as close to our property line as possible without going over it. We are very sad. Our view from the kitchen is no longer all woods. We can see the clearing through the woods. Mama said at least they are not putting houses in beside us.

Mama noticed worms on our tomato plant when we left on Friday. This is what we came home to.

Yep, no more home-grown tomatoes for us this year.

Here is Joey with my peanut butter jar. He doesn't even like peanut butter, but he likes the jar.

Life was much quieter before Joey moved in.

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Like Change

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camping Is Fun!

I had a lot of fun camping! It was really strange riding in the motor home. I wanted to be in the passenger seat, but I wasn't allowed. I had to sit in the back with Scout. Mama sat with me because I was very excited. I enjoyed watching all the scenery go by. It was even fun to see the big trucks pass us on the highway.

There is so much to see at a campground. There are lots of people and dogs. One person even had a parrot that made lots of noise. There was a dog across the street from us that I really wanted to meet, but Mama wouldn't let me. I just had to watch him from the RV.

I didn't get to stay outside as long as I wanted because I wouldn't lay down. I wanted to stand the whole time and since I have a bad foot, Mama said I couldn't do that. I didn't want to miss anything by laying down.

We went on a few walks, but I wanted to go further. Daddy said that next year, I can walk as much as I want. I can't wait for that!

Scout was not a happy camper. She didn't get happy until she saw Mama putting stuff away and then she knew we were headed home.

Daddy said she was upset because she had to share the big bed with me. She wanted it all to herself. Scout wasn't even excited when Grandma and Grandpa came by. She loves them, but she was in a bad mood.

Mama brought my ice pack with us, so I had to use that several times a day.

I also had to take my medicine and I stressed Mama out because I didn't want to take it. I'm still giving her a hard time with it. I'm not a big food eater, so I'm making things difficult. I'm really a good boy, but I don't like taking medicine. I'll be glad when my surgery is over and I'm all better and then no more medicine!

The Greyhound Who Thinks Camping Is Pretty Cool

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Going Camping!

It's me....Joey. The lady, I mean Mama, said we are going camping tomorrow. I don't even know what that is. Should I be scared?

Scout said we are going to ride in that big vehicle that is in the driveway and we pull the Jeep behind us. That sounds scary to me. I don't know if I can pull the Jeep.

Mama said there will be new things to sniff and people to meet. Scout said that camping food is really good. I'm happy with my kibble, but I guess I can try a few new things.

I don't have to sleep in my crate while we are camping. I think I will like that part of it. Mama said to pick out a few toys to take with me. I think that is going to be a hard decision because I like them all. I have a lot more than what are showing in the photo. Mama keeps picking them up on me.

Oh, Mama and Daddy just took me out to that big vehicle! It is cool! It has a bed and a couch and another bed. I think I like it!

I'll report back to all of you when we return!

The Greyhound Who Is Going On His First Camping Trip!

Monday, August 8, 2011

We Are Doing Fine

Mama said I should post and let everyone know that we are doing fine. Joey is feeling better thanks to his medication or maybe he is just settling in because he is being a crazy boy. Are all boys crazy? Why can't boys be calm like I am?

I guess my job is to show Joey how to do his "business" outside. Whenever I go, then he likes to trump me by going over it. Mama always ask me to go out with him because it makes him go much faster. I don't always have to go though and I think he should be able to go without me.

The vet gave Joey new medicine today. He has to take five different medications along with Pepcid because the vet said the medicine may upset his stomach. He will see the vet in two weeks and if everything is okay, then he will have surgery. Mama is upset that the vet told her that he would need to be crated for 4-6 weeks after surgery. That's a really long time. We just need to take things one day at a time.

Daddy is away on a business trip for part of this week. We are going camping this coming weekend. Joey won't be able to walk very much, but he might like sitting around the campsite. He's never been camping, of course. I guess it won't be so sad without Jack since we have Joey. Mama has been really dreading going camping because Jack loved it so much. We don't know what Joey will think about riding in the motor home. It's going to be an adventure.

The Big Sister To The Wild Boy

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Me.....Joey!

Hi Everyone,

It's me, Joey, writing my first blog. The lady here who I am supposed to call Mom or Mama said I should introduce myself. I am a retired athlete. I raced 47 times and won 9 times which includes winning a stakes. I raced at Southland which is near Memphis. I also raced at Mardi Gras which is in Florida a few times. Everyone seems to be excited that I won a stakes, but it was just another race to me. My career ended on 08/06/2010 when I got hurt in a race. Last week, we all gathered around the computer and we watched my races. It was fun hearing the announcer call my name which used to be UCME Bubbasparks. He would say "I See You Bubbasparks!" and "Sparks are flying off of Bubba".

After I got hurt, I lived on a farm until about the end of June, I think. I then moved to a kennel for a few weeks and then I took a long road trip from Tulsa to St. Louis and I ended up living here.

Living in a house is a lot different from a kennel. There is so much room. I love exploring all the rooms. The carpet feels so good on my feet. There is so much to see and do. You should see all the toys that they have here. I like to move them from my room to the living room. I cry when I squeak them because I get so excited. I love laying on the couch. It is so comfy. There is a big window in the living room and I have a great view of the squirrels. They drive me crazy!

The people here seem to like seeing the doctor. Last Saturday, Scout and I went to the vet for check-ups. Monday, I had to see another vet because of my foot. Tuesday, the lady went to the doctor for a check-up. Wednesday, I had to go back to the vet for more tests. Today, the man aka Daddy went to the doctor for a check-up. These people are nuts with seeing the doctor.

Scout, my new sister, is okay. She wants to play, but I can't because of my foot. I have to be on a leash when I'm outside, so that's a real bummer. We did chase a bunny together before I was put on the leash restriction. That was fun. There are bunnies and squirrels all over here. There are also horseflies and I don't like them.

I really like living here and the lady said that once my foot is fixed that I will feel a lot better. She said we will be able to take long walks. I will be able to run and play with Scout. I think Scout will like me better then.

I still have to sleep in my crate at night and when the lady leaves the house. She said I have to prove I can handle being free while she is gone. The first time she left me out, I messed up. I found a cloth Walmart bag and I chewed a hole in it. I then had an "accident" in the kitchen. She said it's probably best that I stay in my crate until my foot gets better anyway. I don't mind the crate, but being free is definitely going to be more fun.

The Greyhound Who Likes Living In A House

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