Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy, Busy

Joey here reporting on the latest happenings.

Saturday, Mama and Scout went to a meet and greet as you know. I stayed home with Daddy. We just napped and watched TV. Yesterday, Daddy said let's go to DQ. I didn't know what DQ was, but I like doing new things. I was excited because the car went in a direction that I have never gone. I had a lot of fun looking at the scenery. The lady at the window asked if we could have cones. Mama thought they would have ice cream in them, but they were just cones. Scout didn't even like them.

Today, I had go to the doctor. He looked at my foot. It was decided that I will check-in to the hospital a few days before my surgery and get some IVs to hopefully clear up my infection. I will have to stay in the hospital for about a week after my surgery. I think I will have to be there 7-10 days. Mama said she is really going to miss me, but I need to have this done so that I can run and play and not be in pain.

After we left the vet's office, we stopped by Daddy's work. He forgot Tom Tom and he's going on a business trip, so he needed it. It was fun seeing Daddy's workplace.

When we got home, Scout really checked me over. She checked me over more than the vet did. She wasn't jealous when she found out I had been to the vet.

Scout is complaining that the house is a mess with toys all over the place. I like playing and I think I'm giving Mama exercise because she is always moving the toys back into my room.

Today, I decided I wanted the fan that's in my room brought into the living room.

I didn't think Mama would notice, but she did.

Do you think they will let me take a toy to the hospital? I guess I need to find out.

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