Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Electric Poles

Yesterday, we watched a truck unload more electric poles in our side yard. Mama thought they would take them down the hill, but now we think they may be putting them in our side yard. This is the view this morning. Mama is concerned about them drilling the holes there because there are gas lines all around that area. We live next to a propane refinery. I have to go to the vet later today for an X-ray and if they are drilling, Mama said Scout will go with us. She doesn't want to leave Scout in the house in case they hit a gas line. We are not scared about an explosion, but just not being allowed back in the area while they fix it. Yes, Mama is a huge worrier, but she feels better if she has a plan. Hopefully, they will not even drill in that area.

UPDATE: They are drilling near the gas lines. We are going to have poles almost in our front yard. That can't be good for resale value.

Yesterday, was my official one month anniversary of living here. I moved in on July 23rd. The mail person brought us a box of treats. Yummy!

Scout and I had homemade frosty treats.

Scout seems happy today, don't you think?

I think she has fallen under the spell of my charm. LOL

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