Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Fun Day

Today, we are having a family fun day since Joey is leaving for the hospital tomorrow.

Here we are resting this morning.

No, Joey is not on drugs yet. He just looks that way.

After breakfast, Joey played. He's probably not supposed to play this much, but Mama let him since he's not going to be able to play for quite a while. Mama made a video of Joey playing. I hope it works for you.

We then drove past our old house. I got excited thinking we were moving back, but we just drove by. We then went to the state park that Jack loved so much. Joey thought it was pretty neat. We met the camp host who thought we were just the sweetest things.

We stopped for lunch on the way home. I had a few fries and Joey didn't have any. He was too busy looking out the window. The boy likes to look out windows.

I'm going to miss him. I've actually slept in his room with him a few nights. He's in a crate and I sleep outside of the crate. Yes, he can be quite a pain, but I do like him a little....sometimes.

The Greyhound Who Is Going To Miss Her Little Brother

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